Numina Group Technology Submitted for Promat 2017 Innovation Award

Numina Group has applied for the Promat 2017 Innovation Award. RDS Webcam Vision Capture becomes a standard component of their Scan-Weigh-Audit System.

WOODRIDGE, IL, USA, February 14, 2017 / -- Numina Group has submitted their next generation Vision Capture technology as an innovation worthy of the Promat 2017 Innovation Award. The latest iteration of RDS™ Webcam Vision Capture integrates high definition image capture with Scan-Weigh-Audit System to capture weight, as well as an image of outbound shipping carton's picked complete SKU contents prior to addition of void, and the sealing of the carton at completion of the pack process.

Promat 2017 is the premier showcase for material handling, supply chain, and logistics solutions in North America. The Innovation Award recognizes technologies that advance efficiencies and accuracy for warehousing, manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain.

Numina Group's Real-time Distribution System, RDS™ Webcam audits pick, pack, and ship. It can also be used for full case or packed carton in-line Scan-Weigh-Dim-Audit systems that further validate parcel and LTL order shipments. Vision capture takes advantage of the latest generation high performance webcam, an intelligent Internet appliance that lowers the cost of high resolution image capture for in-line order scan-weigh-vision audit technology. The webcam is automatically triggered by scanning the carton or tote barcode and captures and transmits a high-resolution internal carton content image that is time-stamped and saved in the RDS™ Warehouse Control System, WCS database. Vision helps customer service validate a customer's order shipment and eliminates customer order delivery disputes.

"Including the webcam as a standard component of the Scan-Weigh-Audit system lowers the barrier that previously limited the return on investment of vision technology. Now users can gain another tool to increase quality control and improve customer service in their order fulfillment center. Vision in combination with weight audit decreases the likelihood a customer can falsely claim there was a picking error, and is especially useful for direct to consumer, and B to B internet fulfillment operations," explained Dan Hanrahan, President and founder of The Numina Group (

The system integrates with RDS™ controls and diverts cartons that fail the expected weight tolerance to a QC audit inspection station that seamlessly integrates quality assurance throughout the pick, pack, and ship process. The software includes a carton order history database for tracking, retrieving, and viewing each shipment and allows customer service to view and e-mail order details with the internal content image to the customer for visual verification proof of delivery.

"In the event of a customer shipment dispute, customer service can view a time-stamped image of the carton content and resolve shipment disputes at a fraction of the cost it takes to manually verify an order shipment," noted Hanrahan.

Numina Group's software and automation technologies streamline order fulfillment and increase productivity for distribution and manufacturing operations. RDS™ Webcam Vision Capture and inline Scan-Weigh-Audit technology along with RDS™’s full family of warehouse automation technologies including: Pick by Voice, Pick to Light, Print Fold Insert of pack sheet documentation, and Print and Apply Labeling will be demonstrated at Promat booth S3452.

Promat 2017 takes place from April 3-6 at McCormick Place in Chicago.
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