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Iaso Tea Review: What You Need to Know

Iaso tea is a very popular detox tea product sold by Total Life Changes. It is a caffeine-free green tea/herbal tea blend that includes some very powerful ingredients. This tea has become popular for it’s ability to help facilitate the body’s natural detoxification processes, as well as supporting the liver and kidney. Powerful ingredients such as myrrh, marshmallow, milk thistle, and ginger make this tea pack quite a powerful punch. Iaso tea offers the powerful potential to help assist in detox tea diets, or just general detoxification. However, the ingredients found in this product aren’t Organic, and aren’t certified Non-GMO. This isn’t a product that we would recommend to you if you aren’t already a customer, but felt it’s surge in popularity warranted a discussion.

Iaso tea offers the powerful potential to help assist in detox tea diets, or just general detoxification

While this isn’t the type of product we normally talk about here, the surge in popularity towards Iaso Tea compelled us to set the record straight. You’ll likely encounter this product in stores and while shopping online, and it will serve you well to have a full idea of the benefits as well as potential side effects of Iaso tea. While we always urge people to shop organic first, we understand that not everyone is able to make that commitment. Iaso tea isn’t made of organic ingredients as of yet, but hopefully with the rising awareness of the benefits of organic foods vs conventionally-grown foods, Total Life Changes will make the commitment to moving towards organic ingredients. Regardless, we’re here to help sort out many of the Isaso tea reviews floating around, discuss some of the side effects, and examine the ingredients of Iaso tea.

What is Iaso Tea

Iaso Tea is a blended detox tea that is marketed as a means to assist in healthy weight loss through the removal of toxins. Detoxifying the body is a powerful means of helping to restore natural systems for better overall health. While drinking Iaso tea doesn’t seem to directly be able to affect weight, long term use could very well could help your body to perform better. The Iaso Tea diet is an assimilation of the Total Life Changes’ detoxification protocol for losing weight and removing toxins. It is recommended to be taken at least two times a day, and Total Life Changes believes that this is enough to provide powerful detoxifying action, capable of promoting weight loss.

Iaso Tea has many herbs that are known to offer powerful health benefits and detoxifying action. Perhaps the most notable, is Holy Thistle (blessed thistle), which has been known to exhibit strong anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer action [1]. Additionally, Iaso Tea contains Myrrh which has been used throughout human history as a powerful herbal remedy for the treatment of many ailments, specifically those bacterical in nature. Myrrh is often most recognized through it’s association with the Christian story of the Three Wiseman’s tribute to Jesus Christ. Modern research hasn’t shed much light on the potential actions of this herb, but there are a lot of hints towards it’s ability to be highly beneficial [2].

Does Iaso Tea Work

There are some impressive pictures of Iaso Tea results—you know the type; before and after, fat now skinny, overweight now sexy. Deciphering whether or not these results are actually real is a fool’s errand, and there’s likely little way to have any real clue if they are legitimate. That being said, one can evaluate the individual ingredients in Iaso Tea and determine how effect they might be as a collective. The results you might see from Iaso Tea are the same results you’d see from using comparable products, or even creating your own tea blend. The main Iaso Tea benefits, that we can see, are that they simply offer a convenient and affordable means to have access to these types of herbal remedies rather than worrying about the logistics yourself.

Does Iaso Tea really work? It’s like any other products; meant only to support a total holistic approach towards healthcare and weight loss. If you are eating fast food and not exercising, mixing in three cups of Iaso Tea a day won’t offer you much help. If, on the other hand, you’re working out several days a week, have been eating only healthy and organic foods, and have been working to detoxify yourself already—sure, Iaso Tea might be able to afford you some much-needed benefit. Detoxifying your body has been known to help provide tremendous help in improving overall health. Such modern methods as infrared sauna therapy have been shown to exert powerful energizing effects on a cellular level.

Iaso Tea Side Effects

The side effects associated with any detoxification process can be regarded as unpleasant at first, but a strong indicator that you have toxins to get rid of. The Herxheimer reaction is the term widely used by practitioners to help categorize this type of experience. Ultimately, when your body is over-burdened by toxins, sometimes it sort of ‘gives up’ on getting rid of them. The dynamics of how this happens are extremely complicated, different in every circumstance, and still really not well understood. When your body begins to get rid of toxins that have been blocking natural elimination pathways, it can start to really utilize them once again. The side effect seen in these types of situations are of an overburdening of the kidney and liver, which can cause unpleasant physical symptoms. Iaso Tea side effects may present in a similar manner, especially if taken while losing weight. Rapid weight loss programs can release toxins that are stored in fat cells, which will then be released into your body.

Where to Buy Iaso Tea

Iaso Tea is available for purchase directly from Total Life changes, in some local stores such as GNC, and in a myriad of other online locations. As with most modern goods, the lowest price on Iaso Tea can usually be found on Amazon, especially if you have a prime membership to qualify for free shipping. Typically, Iaso Tea is sold in as a month-long supplies, such as the best-seller from Total Life Changes offered on Amazon. If you are interested in buying Iaso Tea, you should have little issue finding it. Iaso Tea isn’t an organic product, and is definatitely heavily-marketed to the weight loss market. For this reason, our overall impression is that it may not be found in many health food stores, but perhaps some larger national retailers.

Dietary changes and supplementation can offer a powerful means of helping to shape a better overall state of health. Products such as Iaso Tea are many times marketed as an easy-win type route in offering benefits that are truly only found through hard work. We feel it’s always best to purchase Non-GMO, Organic products when possible, and Iaso Tea is neither. The blend of herbs found here are comprised of compounds shown to offer useful benefit in catalyzing and supporting the detoxification process, but would be better options if offered in organic form. Total dietary changes isn’t a company that we would consider to be among the doctor trusted brands in the market, but are also a far-stretch better than many other brands that are little more than flavoring and sugar.

Iaso Tea

Powerful Detox Blend

Iaso Tea is a blend of powerful herbs known for the detoxifying benefits on the body. Supporting your body's natural detoxifying pathways can be greatly beneficial in all aspects of health, including weight loss. Iaso Tea's one apparent drawback is that it isn't offered in an Organic and Non-GMO form.