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Commissioner Malmström outlines 'global opportunity' for European farmers

Trade, Growth & Jobs | Brussels, 8 December 2016

EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström today outlined the benefits of EU trade policy for Europe’s farmers – enabling producers to export to new markets and compete fairly. Speaking to COPA-COCEGA, which represents European farmers and agri-cooperatives, she outlined the economic benefits of an EU agricultural export market worth €129 billion a year, and rising, and supporting over 2 million European jobs.

Many parts of the world outside Europe are growing fast, and eager to buy high-value European products such as cheeses, meats, wines and spirits, the Commissioner noted. She set out how the EU negotiates to boost agricultural exports – lowering tariffs, protecting European "geographical indications" like Roquefort cheese or Serrano ham, and ensuring overseas rules do not present unjustified obstacles to trade. She also outlined the current EU programme of trade agreements with Canada, Latin America, Vietnam, Japan and elsewhere, and their opportunities for European farmers.

Her comments on trade and agriculture today, come on the back of a discussion with the European Parliament's agriculture committee last week; she also addresses the topic in her blog today.