Berlitz Vancouver Group Announces Best Places to Travel in 2017

Berlitz Vancouver provides language classes in Vancouver with private or group lessons. English and French classes and courses allow students to learn a new language in 10 days.

Lonely Planet, a top travel site, has listed the top destinations for travellers in 2017, according to The Berlitz Group.

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, November 29, 2016 / -- Lonely Planet, a top travel site, has listed the top destinations for travelers in 2017, according to The Berlitz Group in Vancouver. The list is broken down into groups, which include the top ten countries, top regions, top US cities and the top ten cities throughout the world.

The top country to visit for the year is Canada. A new leader and fabulous cities like Vancouver make this country a popular destination for the coming year. In addition, the celebration for the for the country's sesquicentennial promises to increase the festivities throughout the next 12 months. Following this country, others named to the list include Colombia, Finland, Dominica, Nepal, Bermuda, Mongolia, Oman, Myanmar and Ethiopia. The city that topped the list includes Bordeaux, France with Cape Town, South Africa in second place. Learning to speak French will be beneficial for visitors in both those areas.

Top regions include Choquequirao, Peru, Taranaki, New Zealand and The Azores, Portugal. Also in the list are South Australia, North Wales and The Skellig Ring in Ireland. Those looking for the best value with their vacations will find a wide range of locations to choose from. Nepal took the top spot with Namibia second. Other countries that made the list include Porto, Portugal; Venice, Italy; Debrecen, Hungary; Belize; Morocco; Russia; Bellarine Peninsula, Australia; and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in the US.

One of the common factors with the places on the list is the differences in language portrayed. Many places have English speakers like Wales, Canada and the US. Other places like France and South Africa have French as the primary language. Still others, including Portugal and Colombia may have Spanish speakers. Anyone who wants to visit one of these top places will enjoy a richer experience if they learn at least the basics of the local language. This allows them to interact with the local people and step beyond being a tourist to becoming an adventurer.

Learning a new language doesn't have to be difficult if one chooses the method best suited to their learning style. With language learning companies like the Berlitz Group, students can choose from private and group lessons or even online classes to help them learn a new language. As one representative from the Berlitz Group says, "You don't have to be fluent to benefit from taking a course." Even mastering the basics will enhance any trip planned. In fact, the language classes will be improved upon by traveling to the destination where the person will have more opportunity to be immersed in the culture.

Anyone who would like to learn a new language before they travel in 2017 should sign up for classes early. Plan to study a few months before the trip to learn how to hold a simple conversation. Travelers will discover an added confidence when they can communicate with the locals and read signs as they journey to a new area. Studying a new language is an effective way to make any trip even more memorable.

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