Kwame Baah’s Kickstarter campaign promotes exquisite hand-made footwear

Kwame Baah announces Kickstarter campaign. The global audience has the chance to support the promotion of exquisite handmade footwear from Ghana.

FORT WORTH, TX, UNITED STATES, November 26, 2016 / -- Kwame Baah, the company founded by engineer and entrepreneur George Kwame Baah, has today announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to bring exquisite hand-crafted footwear to a global audience while helping to lift local people in Ghana out of poverty.

The company's stylish new collection of loafers for men and women combine real leather and a colorful hand-woven fabric from Ghana known as Kente to produce footwear that is good to look at, durable and affordable. The leather insoles mold to the shape of your feet over time, making these loafers comfortable to wear and as each sole is handcrafted from a recycled tire, this footwear makes a contribution towards preserving the environment.

Kwame Baah trains and employs artisans from the town and region of Akim-Oda in Ghana to produce footwear and accessories designed by George Kwame Baah, which helps to transform the lives of local people by giving them a living wage. This Kickstarter campaign will help the company to take on another 15 artisans to produce the new range of loafers for men and women.

Anyone who chooses to invest can benefit from six tiers of reward. Backers who contribute $25 or more will be able to choose two unique Kwame Baah leather cut-off accessories. Investors at the $45 level will be rewarded with a pair of beautiful hand-crafted Kwame Baah sandals, complete with drawstring bag. At the other end of the scale, those who pledge $390 or more will receive two pairs of loafers and two pairs of sandals.

The company hopes that the Kickstarter campaign will enable them to more than double their current workforce of 11 at their workshop in Ghana and provide a living wage to more local people, helping to raise them out of hardship and financial difficulties.

The founder of Kwame Baah, George Kwame Baah, grew up in poverty in Ghana but was fortunate enough to make it to the United States, where he became an engineer. Inspired by his childhood memory of making shoes from recycled tires, he created Kwame Baah, with the vision of employing men and women in Ghana to handcraft his shoe designs for the US market.

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