Berlitz Announces Top Spoken Languages in the World

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Multiple studies show the top spoken language in the world is Mandarin, which is the official language of China and the native tongue for many Chinese people

TORONTO, CANADA, November 23, 2016 / -- Multiple studies show the top spoken language in the world is Mandarin, which is the official language of China and the native tongue for many Chinese people around the world. This language is spoken by over one billion people. The result may be surprising for those who expected English to be the most spoken language in the world, according to Berlitz, a language learning school in Toronto.

These studies accounted only for the native language of people, and it did not include any secondary languages that were learned. Spanish came in second with over four hundred million speakers and English third at just over three hundred million. What is also notable is that when the number of people who have learned a language is added in, English moves into second place to almost one billion. English is the most learned language or the top secondary language spoken by far. In fact, over six hundred million people choose to learn English as their second language and only 190 million learn Mandarin.

Other languages one might expect to see on this list include French, which is in tenth place for total speakers but 17th for native speakers and Russian in sixth overall and eighth for native speakers. Arabic, a language spoken in the Middle East, is number four for both total number of speakers and native speakers. This list compiled by Ethnologue in 2015 is relevant to anyone who wants to learn a language and is considering a language school. Depending on the reasons for learning a secondary language, they may want to consider one that is spoken by a large number of people. Many people assume English is the top language because it is spoken in so many different countries. The United States, Canada, Australia and Great Britain are some of the main countries where English is the native tongue for many of the residents. However, this language is taught in schools and through language classes in many other countries as well. The goal for many is to be able to interact with English-speaking people in business and education. Children in many countries take English classes to help them become fluent English speakers as adults.

A representative of Berlitz in Toronto says, "Learning a new language deepens your appreciation for the culture and provides a more enriching experience when you visit the areas where that language is most often spoken." People who travel can enjoy their trips more if they can interact with the locals. It helps them be able to read signs and talk to people they come in contact with. Learning a secondary language provides a way to get to know people from another culture. It's also becoming more common in businesses that are globally oriented.

Berlitz offers language learning programs in numerous languages, including all of the most spoken languages around the world. Anyone at any age can learn a new language, and Berlitz provides several different formats to fit the various learning styles of its students.

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