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Gold & Gems Fine Jewelry Introduces an Exclusive Brand with Environmentally Conscious Appeal

Oregon jeweler launches its own brand of lab grown gem - DIAMONNA™, an unparalleled alternative to the earth-mined diamond.

The DIAMONNA™ is created in a modern, clean, high tech laboratory, so we’re proud and happy to provide an eco-friendly alternative to the mined diamond.
— Ron Hansen
ASHLAND, OR, UNITED STATES, November 18, 2016 / -- Ron Hansen, Vice President of Operations for Gold and Gems Fine Jewelry, announced today the launch of an exclusive brand of diamond alternative – the DIAMONNA™ laboratory grown gem.
The lab grown diamond alternative market is not new to Gold and Gems Fine Jewelry. The company experienced a great deal of success in the distribution of these gems in recent times, leveraging its knowledge and reputation in selling high quality mined diamonds for over 30 years. Following its investment in advanced research and development in creating diamond-like gems in a laboratory setting, which are known as “lab grown” diamond alternatives, the company has established its own brand, which is reportedly superior in quality to all others and indistinguishable to the naked eye from high quality mined diamonds.

Comprised of a high carbon content, the same element of the mined diamond, and other minerals, the DIAMONNA™ is produced in a target range of VVS1 – VVS2 clarity, based upon GIA standards, with excellent polish and symmetry. It actually tests as a mined diamond with thermal testing devices. As for color, the DIAMONNA™ is rated E,F or H,I in color also by GIA standards, which is the most preferred color choice of today’s customers. It is harder than sapphire on the Mohs scale (9.25 on a scale of 10) and is more brilliant than most mined diamonds. Above all, the DIAMONNA™ is offered at a small fraction of the price of a mined diamond that is comparable in size, cut, and color.
Mr. Hansen states, “We’re very excited about the launch of DIAMONNA™ because we know it represents a special brand, exclusive to many others in this space in which we have a great deal of first-hand knowledge and expertise. We’re so confident in the sheer beauty and quality of our product that we are offering a warranty to buyers that is second to none.” This DIAMONNA Peace of Mind Warranty™ is a lifetime commitment that covers replacement of half of the value of the gem in the unlikely event of chipping, fading, cracking, scratching, or breaking.

In addition, the DIAMONNA™, because it is lab grown and not mined from the earth, represents an excellent alternative for the ever increasing number of environmentally conscious consumers. It is no secret anymore that for many years diamond mining, lacking any regulation, has disrupted the environment. Land disturbances, misuse of energy, reckless emissions, exploitation of water resources, and abuse of human rights through the harsh exploitation of labor in economically poor areas of the earth are not uncommon practices among mining companies. These factors have increasingly influenced buying considerations among conscious diamond shoppers in recent years.

As Mr. Hansen states, “The DIAMONNA™ is created in a modern, clean, high tech laboratory that does not pose any environmental or ethical problems. So we’re proud and happy to provide an eco-friendly alternative to the mined diamond. Also, we are thrilled to be able to make a difference in the lives of many in war-torn, impoverished regions of Africa. DIAMONNA™ gives back by partnering with Food For The Hungry to sponsor children and their communities in the rebuilding of more sustainable communities and particularly in the assistance with vocational training.”

Gold & Gems Fine Jewelry
In the jewelry business for 34 years, the Hansen family has succeeded in retail jewelry on one basic principle - focus on the customer as much as the product. This Oregon-based jeweler has satisfied thousands of customers by providing high quality jewelry at competitive prices with extraordinary customer service. Whether you visit their physical store front in beautiful Ashland, Oregon or shop online at or, they are committed to providing an exceptional customer experience. Providing internationally recognized brand name designs, as well as custom designs made in beautiful Ashland, Oregon USA, the Hansen family and their personable staff understand that jewelry is truly a people business and therefore strive to make buying jewelry from them an experience that is both gratifying and memorable.

Ronald Hansen
Gold and Gems Fine Jewelry
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