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Trend Eye Care Offers Contact Lens Exams for Improved Fit

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 30, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A regular eye exam is not enough for some patients who wear or want to wear contact lenses. For some, a contact lens exam is necessary to get the right fit and prescription necessary for their contact lenses, reports Trend Eye Care. Eyes are not all the same shape. Special measurements and testing may be necessary to get the right fit and to ensure that the contact lenses are compatible with a patient’s lifestyle. Consider a contact lens exam with a regular eye exam to gather the details necessary for improved fit and performance of contact lenses.

Patients who wear or need contact lenses should know that specialized contact lens exams include evaluations which are not performed during regular eye exams. Additional tests performed during a contact lens exam by an optometrist can help patients receive an updated prescription or contact lens fitting that is better suited to their unique needs. Contact lens fittings are also needed for those who wish to wear cosmetic or decorative lenses without a prescription.

During an exam, visual acuity is measured and a number of tests are performed to assess eye health and to determine what type of corrective lenses may benefit the patient’s refractive error. General lifestyle questions and preferences regarding eyewear may also be asked after the tests are performed. Various contact lens options may be discussed such as daily disposables, overnight wear lenses, and multifocal or bifocal contact lenses. Eyes may need specially fitted contact lenses in cases where the curvature of a typical contact lens does not fit the eye shape. There are a number of measurements taken to the cornea, pupil and iris to get an exact fit in such a case. Additionally, a patient’s eye surface and tear film will be evaluated to ensure optimal comfort.

“There are many individuals who benefit from contact lens exams,” said Dr. Tu Dinh. “In my experience in optometry, having a contact lens exam ensures patients get the right fit for their contact lenses and that contact lenses work with their lifestyle and their vision corrective needs. We are happy to educate patients on various contact lenses available and proper care of contact lenses during the exam.”

Dr. Tu Dinh, one of the optometrists of Trend Eye Care, serves the residents of the Philadelphia area at this full optometric eye care center with an optical dispensary. Services include eye exams, contact lens exams and LASIK consultations. Trend Eye Care has two convenient Philadelphia locations, one at Northern Liberties at 180 West Girard Avenue and the other near Temple University at 1501 North Broad Street.

Call (215) 554-6222 for the West Girard Avenue office or (215) 866-1742 for the North Broad Street location to schedule an appointment for a contact lens exam, or visit for more details.

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