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CORRECTION - Snowflake Shatters The Data Warehouse Cost Barrier

/ -- SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 20, 2016) - In the news release, "Snowflake Shatters The Data Warehouse Cost Barrier," issued earlier today by Snowflake Computing, please be advised that the end of the first sentence of the first paragraph should read "compressed cloud storage" rather than "uncompressed cloud storage" as originally issued. Additional edits of a similar nature have been made to the first set of bullet points. Complete corrected text follows.

Snowflake Shatters The Data Warehouse Cost Barrier

Lowest pricing for small, medium and multi-petabyte data warehouses beats Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Redshift, Teradata and others

SAN MATEO, CA -- Oct 20, 2016 -- Snowflake Computing, the data warehouse built for the cloud, today announces a 75 percent price reduction for its compressed cloud storage. This makes Snowflake the most affordable data warehouse in the world. More importantly, this drop in price means the smallest organizations, up to the largest enterprises, can easily and cost-effectively store, access and analyze data volumes ranging from a few terabytes to multiple petabytes.

This latest initiative in Snowflake's customer-centric strategy further advances its built-for-the-cloud data warehouse as the only solution organizations need to store and analyze all of their data. Snowflake's technology is far ahead of the competition and continues to evolve with new features and benefits. Snowflake's architecture separates compute from storage, enabling Snowflake to dramatically lower the cost of storage so customers can focus on compute, where the highest value in data warehousing lies.

Effective Nov. 1, Snowflake's storage price will drop to the current baseline price of Amazon S3 -- Snowflake's cloud storage provider. This pricing makes Snowflake the first data warehouse solutions provider, cloud or on-premises, to provide customers the true cost benefits of cloud object storage.

Snowflake's new, customer-centric storage pricing will:

  • Reduce compressed capacity storage pricing to $30/TB/month - a 75 percent savings.
  • Reduce compressed on-demand storage prices to $50/TB/month - a 67 percent savings.
  • Effectively reduce uncompressed storage pricing to $10/TB/month or less.

These prices, coupled with Snowflake's innovative technology and architecture, make Snowflake the most affordable, efficient and top-performing data warehouse provider.

The Snowflake innovations include:

  • True separation of storage and compute
  • Scale up/scale down/scale out elasticity of compute and storage
  • Full automation to easily increase/decrease resources to keep costs low
  • Automatic encryption and columnar compression of structured and semi-structured data

"Snowflake has been instrumental in allowing us to realize and leverage the complete value of our data," CEO of healthcare information provider Amino Inc., David Vivero said. "With its reduced pricing, Snowflake continues to outstep traditional data warehouse providers and others that claim the true benefits of the cloud."

Snowflake's innovative, cloud-built architecture and technology already enable huge cost savings for customers. With today's price drop, Snowflake is now the most affordable data warehouse, beating the competition in the following ways:

  • Google BigQuery charges $20/TB/month storage for uncompressed data. With Snowflake's new $30/TB/month price, Snowflake is significantly less expensive because Snowflake storage prices apply to compressed data. Snowflake enables at least a 3:1 compression ratio, reducing Snowflake's effective storage cost to $10/TB/month or less.
  • Microsoft's Azure SQL Data Warehouse requires Azure Premium storage, which costs at least $122.88/TB/month -- four times more than Snowflake's new pricing of $30/TB/month.
  • Redshift's dense storage option of $1000/TB/year and its dense compute price of $5500/TB/year far exceed Snowflake's price of $360/TB/year for storage. Adding the annual Snowflake compute activity for the average customer, Snowflake costs much less than either of these options.
  • Oracle and Teradata charge exponentially higher prices than Snowflake for their cloud and on-premises data warehouse solutions.
  • Snowflake charges customers only for actual storage usage after compression. Oracle, Redshift, Teradata and most other data warehouses require paying for large systems even when much of the storage often goes unused.

"Thanks to our built-for-the-cloud architecture, Snowflake delivers the world's most powerful data warehouse at the industry's lowest cost to organizations of all sizes," Snowflake CEO Bob Muglia said. "As cloud storage continues to drop in price, Snowflake will pass these savings onto customers. Whether you're working with one terabyte or multiple petabytes of data, Snowflake is the fastest, easiest and now the most cost-effective way to store, access and analyze data to drive business results."

Traditional data warehouse vendors and big data platform vendors have been slow to take full advantage of the economies of cloud storage. Their legacy architecture and storage methods result in expensive, complex solutions. This forces companies to leave data in silos or move data into inaccessible data lakes. What's the result? Companies are forced to make business decisions based on incomplete data.

Snowflake continues to overcome the technology, access and cost barriers inflicted by on-premises, legacy systems. And vendors that simply move these systems to the cloud are not addressing these problems. With Snowflake, organizations can now acquire insight from all of their data to better serve their customers, advance their companies and lead their industries.

Snowflake's price reduction leverages its multi-cluster, shared data architecture that separates data analysis into three distinct layers: storage, compute and service. Therefore, Snowflake can deliver the functionality and value for each layer that best serves each customer. Companies keen to extract insight from all of their data, by all of their users, get exactly that with the price, performance, security, availability and support from the only data warehouse built for the cloud: Snowflake.

For more details on all of Snowflake's newest initiatives, view Snowflake's main announcement and its other, individual announcements on access and geography. You can also view a personal message from Snowflake's CEO Bob Muglia -- video and blog.


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