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UAW Members like Vinnie were victims of Trump’s Atlantic City Bankruptcies

Tom PeavyAs is regularly the case, the pragmatic, reasonable, sensible, well informed voter, will try to save those who are the opposite of those adjectives. There are those, who have no idea of what they speak. There are those who are too idealistic. And, there are those being paid to undermine the best choice for the working person. In this case, that is Hillary. A vote for Trump, Stein, or Johnson, is a vote for Trump. Staying home, is a vote for Trump. This is not a reality television show. It's for real. Trump would be an autocrat, with all the negative aspects associated with that title, ensuing. He presents a clear and present danger to our democracy. This decision shouldn't even require any thought. The choice is clear. Trump and destruction, or Clinton and imperfection. If you love your country and family, you have to reject Trump, and vote for Clinton.

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