WeeTect Develops Photochromic Lenses With Anti Fog and Anti Scratch Function

WeeTect today introduced new photochromic lenses, bringing yet another innovative solution in the eyewear and face shield industry.

SHANGHAI, CHINA, October 14, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ -- WeeTect today introduced new photochromic lenses, bringing yet another innovative solution in the eyewear and face shield industry. This light-adaptive lens is available with a brand name WeeTect Photochromic Lens (WPL). It features a co-injection molding technology with the main focus being the use of photochromic film on polycarbonate lenses or a photochromic coating on polycarbonate lenses.

"We are progressively improving both the functionality and quality of our lenses to provide unmatched performance in the eyewear industry not only by eliminating fogging or scratching problems; but also to provide true color perception and natural vision in a wide range of lighting conditions," said Taylors Lei, WeeTect product manager.

WeeTect Photochromic Lens (WPL) is an exclusive product whose development is based on years of research to provide enhanced safety and reduce cost of buying different types of lens tints.

WPL is uniquely distinguished from other products in the industry by:

1.Unmatched performance under different light conditions

WPL is manufactured from either photochromic film co-injection molding or coating applied to polycarbonate lenses. It further incorporates anti-scratch, anti-fog and anti-fingerprint coatings. They are all formulated to guarantee advanced clarity, even in adverse weather conditions.
The photochromic lens features a super high VLT and tints faster on exposure to ultraviolet radiation or whenever there is a change of light.

For quality evaluation procedures, the WeeTect Photochromic Lens (WPL) is subjected to a number of optical tests that conform to the EN170, ASTM D 1003 and ECE22.05 standards. WeeTect has also adopted a unique in-house testing method for photo chromatic properties of the lens.

2.High quality material

This lens is a polycarbonate material, hence it has superior physical and chemical properties. WPL is shatterproof, strong, impact resistant and chemical resistant. WeeTect, through its quality assurance department has verified these properties as per the ASTM, ISO and ANSI quality verification procedures.

3.Standards and custom designs available

For specialized applications, WeeTect Photochromic Lens is available in either photochromic polarized sunglass or prescription transition lenses. This is alongside the standards designs WeeTect has launched today.

OEM clients can have the photochromic lenses customized according to the market needs. Interested OEM business resellers or businesses can place orders directly from the WeeTect official email: sales@weetect.com.

4.Range of applications

WeeTect designed WPL for a wide range of applications such photochromic or transitions eyewear. These include lenses, sunglasses, safety glasses, sporting goggles, safety shields, etc.

"At WeeTect, we remain committed to our mission - protect people, pursue safety; by investing in a high quality photochromic lens that are convenient and can be adapted to any applications," added Taylors Lei.

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WeeTect Material Limited is the leading football visor manufacturer for OEM businesses. Since 1993, the company has invested R&D, producing a wide range of safety gears and anti-fog solutions. They include helmet visors, face shields, auto darkening helmets, plastic mirror and anti-fog solutions for foggy lenses, speedometers and IP cameras, with the recent product being the WeeTect Photochromic Lenses (WPL).

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