Amore Alternative Desserts Reshapes Gluten-free Experience

Mary Affinito's Amore Alternative Desserts

Mary Affinito offers consumers with dietary preferences or gluten-grain allergies, customized options

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, October 8, 2016 / -- Gluten-free dessert options are being reshaped and redefined. Leading the way in creating that experience as well as grain-free and refined sugar-free desserts, is Amore Alternative Desserts, its publicist announced today.

The primary challenge for grain and gluten-intolerant consumers today is finding fresh and delicious desserts without unhealthy additives. People who have gluten and grain allergies typically experience nauseous, intestinal bloating, and nasal congestion.

Tasty, gluten-free and grain-free desserts in the marketplace are limited, and occasionally sub par. Mary Affinito, owner of Amore Alternative Desserts, wanted to change that.

"I found that the gluten free and refined sugar-free desserts that are on the market are dry and too sweet," stated the San Francisco bay area resident.

Affinito creates decorative, moist cakes, chocolates, cookies and other refined sugar-free treats with only a hint of sweetness. Consumers and regular customers alike enjoy customized innovations and sculpted cakes such as layered chocolate ganache decorated with marbled chocolate; lemon-blueberry cake with lemon curd filling and coconut lemon butter cream; chocolate cake with cayanne chocolate ganache and more.

The grain or gluten-free cakes, cookies, chocolates and sweet treats distinguish themselves from pre-packaged and other gluten-free products in the marketplace.

Affinito says that started a successful, decorative painting company in 1998 but had to quit in 2013 because of health issues. While recovering from surgery she saw a picture of a cake shaped like a purse. Enlightened, she set out to see if she could recreate a gluten-free, edible purse using her decorative painting skills.

She did and says that it helped her expedite her recovery.

"I found another way to be creative since I couldn't do the decorative painting anymore," she explains. "The skills that I have from decorative painting have been incorporated in my cake decorating. It's who I am. I have to be creating something."

Mary Affinito's eye-catching presentations are amplified by a soft-spoken voice and charismatic, personality.

She adds that Amore Alternative Desserts' aim is not only to assist those who are gluten-sensitive or have eliminated refined sugar, but anyone who desires healthy desserts and sweet treats.

"If you're skipping desserts because of gluten-intolerance, Amore Alternative Desserts is a very good solution," stated Fran Briggs, publicist to Mary Affinito. "Every one deserves access to exceptional desserts. During the holiday season and group dining experiences, enjoying tasty gluten, grain, and refined sugar-free desserts is not only desirable, but possible."

Amore Alternative Desserts is operated in California. It serves the San Francisco east bay area including Walnut Creek, Danville, Lafayette, Moraga and Oakland.
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