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Formaspace Expands to Office Market

Formaspace Expands to Office Market

Exterior Dry Erase Lining

Interior Cork Lining

Covet worthy cubicles made by FORMASPACE! Pasadena Com. College just enhanced their office space with mobile cubicle partitions for easy office transformation.

Maple is the New Black!
— Formaspace
AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2016 / -- Excitement filled FORMASPACE’s 60,000 square foot production plant in Austin, Texas as our latest custom open office design entered final assembly. Our client’s materials choices, our team’s attention to detail, Engineering’s, and innovative additions made these work stations particularly cool.

Maple is the New Black

Our client’s facilities manager sought out FORMASPACE for one of our well-known ergonomic office furniture designs. Her eyes landed on our latest innovation, the Sit to Stand Parson’s Table, and that’s when she knew their office needed a new custom maple top design.

The client contacted our team of design consultants and Formaspace began making her dream office a reality. During the site survey, it became clear that people would benefit from desk to desk division. Our consultants proposed partitions with an elegant tempered glass top, interior cork board lining, and exterior dry erase panels to refine the original concept. Once our industrial design and engineering team joined the project, they found additional opportunities to enhance the client’s original concept.

Formaspace Engineers Redefine Flexibility

Our VP of Engineering, Greg Casey, has over 25 years of experience in designing office furniture solutions and he applied this design experience to our latest open office concept. Casey’s team took the initial proposed drawings and translated the concept into an end product that surpassed the customer’s aesthetic and functional needs while leveraging Formaspace manufacturing capabilities. The addition of casters on the partitions provided even greater level of flexibility than the client originally envisioned.

Mobile Office for a Flexible Solution

Our client was surprised and delighted with the mobile partition enhancement. The dividers his team designed were impossible to move when in locked position, but also allowed the client to reconfigure their environment in less than 5 minutes to share knowledge and conduct experiments with multiple hands on deck. The set-up of the concept gives each worker a cork board in front of them and a dry erase board behind them for brainstorming.

Do you envision a unique office environment? Formaspace has been engaged to create unique office spaces by marquis clients worldwide. Let us design your one of a kind space!

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