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Cascade Microtech Announces First Probe System with Contact Intelligence™ Technology

Probe system senses, learns and reacts to deliver reliable electrical contact on small pads at multiple temperatures

/EIN News/ -- BEAVERTON, Ore., Sept. 27, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cascade Microtech, a FormFactor company (NASDAQ:FORM), and a leading supplier of solutions that enable precision measurements of discrete devices and integrated circuits at the wafer level, today announced the launch of the CM300xi probe system with Contact Intelligence technology. This new technology allows the CM300xi to sense, learn and react to extremely complex environments characterized by multiple temperatures and small pad layouts. The CM300xi adjusts automatically to provide highly accurate probe-to-pad alignment and measurement for a broad array of wafers, materials and devices enabling customers to reliably collect large amounts of electrical data faster, to improve yields and reduce time to market.

Semiconductor feature sizes, scribe lines and pad sizes continue to shrink, increasing the need to contact devices accurately under difficult conditions such as changing temperatures. The effective characterization of new technologies and materials also requires more data than in the past, in part to build accurate statistical models. Coupled with increasing pressures to accelerate product and node ramps, test managers need to gather huge amounts of accurate data they can trust. The CM300xi with Contact Intelligence technology directly addresses these challenges.

The CM300xi is the latest enhancement to the flagship 300 mm probe system offering from Cascade Microtech. The CM300xi provides the lab automation capabilities needed to make critical precision electrical measurements for device characterization and high-volume engineering. It is also ideally suited for customized solutions and niche production applications. The Contact Intelligence technology adapts to temperature variance, and provides automated drift correction for unattended testing on small pads over time and temperature.

A number of significant features enable the Contact Intelligence capability. Motorized positioners with frictionless EMI shielding allow the CM300xi precise compensation of thermally-induced drift without compromising low-noise environment conditions. An on-axis probe needle tracking capability makes it easier to measure on small pads at multiple temperatures. Contact accuracy is achieved with consistent and reliable measurement results on today’s smallest pad sizes. Thermal management enhancements provide for shorter soak times and faster thermal transitions—reducing soak time to a minimum and integrating thermal transition in a single command.

“When you combine Contact Intelligence technology with all of the strengths and capabilities of the CM300, you have a formidable resource in the race to acquire as much data as possible to support accelerating product and yield ramps,” said Mike Slessor, President and CEO, FormFactor, Inc. “The CM300xi raises the performance bar with new high thermal stability capabilities, as well as enhancements to its VueTrack™ probe-to-pad alignment technology. The result is the most accurate, flexible and scalable engineering probe system of its kind in the semiconductor lab—with the ability to achieve probe-to-pad alignment on 30 µm pads with high confidence at multiple temperatures.”

For more information on Contact Intelligence technology, download the technical brief, or visit the Cascade Microtech website for detailed product information.

About Cascade Microtech
Cascade Microtech, a company of FormFactor Inc. (NASDAQ:FORM), is a worldwide leader in precision contact, electrical measurement and test of integrated circuits (ICs), optical devices and other small structures. For technology businesses and scientific institutions that need to evaluate small structures, Cascade Microtech delivers access to electrical data from wafers, ICs, IC packages, circuit boards and modules, MEMS, 3D TSV, LED devices and more. Cascade Microtech’s leading-edge stations, probes, probe cards, advanced thermal subsystems and integrated systems deliver precision accuracy and superior performance both in the lab and during production manufacturing of high-speed and high-density semiconductor chips. For more information visit


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