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Experts Anticipate Significant Continued Reductions in Wind Energy Costs

Date: 9/13/2016

According to a survey of the world's foremost wind power experts, the cost of producing electricity via wind power is expected to fall 24% to 30% by 2030 and 35% to 41% by 2050 as a result of continued advancements in wind energy technology (and could be even lower). The findings are described in a new study, Expert Elicitation Survey on Future Wind Energy Costs, published in the journal Nature Energy. The study was conducted by researchers at the Energy Department's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in conjunction with researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, University of Massachusetts, and participants in the International Energy Agency Wind Technology Collaboration Programme Task 26. The researchers conducted a global survey of 163 wind energy experts to gain insight into the possible magnitude of future wind energy cost reductions, the sources of those reductions, and the enabling conditions needed to realize continued innovation and lower costs. Three wind applications were covered: onshore (land-based) wind, fixed-bottom offshore wind, and floating offshore wind.

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