We An-Ser Announces Latest Benefits of Outsourcing Call Centres to Small and Medium Sized Businesses

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Hiring full-time staff to manage a call centre can be costly, especially for small and medium businesses.

REGINA, SK, CANADA, September 1, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Hiring full-time staff to manage a call centre can be costly, especially for small and medium businesses. Outsourcing this task can also be frightening for business owners who understand the value of providing exceptional customer service. However, outsourcing to a local answering service in Calgary and other areas can provide many benefits, as We An-Ser Communications proves.

When a company chooses to outsource its call centre to another business, it reduces the overall cost for the organization. Instead of paying salaries for each employee, which includes benefits, the company pays a set rate for the job. Small businesses with few employees can allow those staff members to focus on other tasks instead of dividing their time between customer service and other jobs. Larger organizations don't have to deal with the high turnover, which is often the norm in this industry. There is no need for training or ongoing education because the outside call centre agency is responsible for all of these tasks.

A primary concern for many businesses when it comes to outsourcing this important element of their company is reduced quality of service. However, this doesn't have to be a problem if the business owner chooses a call centre with an outstanding reputation. The staff are well-trained and able to provide outstanding service as if they were part of the company. The business can also help improve the quality of service through an outsourced answering service by providing detailed information about how to handle calls and when and where to route emergency calls.

As Ashley Meszaros of We An-Ser Communications says, "Choose a call centre that is local and experienced in your industry. These are two of the most important considerations when outsourcing customer service." She goes on to explain that a call centre in Calgary is better able to understand the local economy and residents than someone in another country. An agency with experience in the medical field or gas and oil industry will be better prepared to handle phone calls because they will understand the terminology and expectations of customers in this area.

Because all a call centre does is handle customer phone calls, complaints, questions and vendor requests, they are well-trained and are able to provide answers in a timely manner. This ensures they are providing the best customer service which reflects on the company. As Meszaros explains, the business that hires them is their customer, and they want to do a good job. They are representing that company to everyone who calls in, and their goal is to enhance the reputation and brand of the company to ensure long-term partnerships.

Any small or medium business that wants to improve the level of customer service they provide may want to consider outsourcing their call centres and customer service departments. Hiring a professional company can reduce costs and relieve them of the stress of managing routine calls on a daily basis while improving customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Ashley Meszaros
We An-Ser Communications
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