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Truly Ergonomic reveals the Truly Ergonomic Mechanical Numeric Keypad designed for fast and comfortable Data Entry

Truly Ergonomic Mechanical Numeric Keypad - BIG TAB - Simultaneous use of Numbers and Directional keys

Truly Ergonomic Mechanical Numeric Keypad - specifically designed for fast and comfortable Data Entry

Truly Ergonomic Mechanical Numeric Keypad - Manufactured with Mechanical Switches

Uniquely includes the addition of a BIG TAB & simultaneous use of numbers and directional keys.

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, August 22, 2016 / -- VANCOUVER, BC.--(BUSINESS WIRE)—Truly Ergonomic Ltd., one of the World’s best manufacturers of Ergonomic Computer Peripherals, today announced the launch of its all new ergonomic computing device – the Truly Ergonomic Mechanical Numeric Keypad specifically designed for Data Entry.

The Truly Ergonomic Numeric Keypad is brilliantly and uniquely engineered so that numbers and directional keys can be used simultaneously. The user no longer need to constantly press the NumLock key, or even look at the NumLock LED, to change between numbers and directional keys. Now the user can use Numbers, Directional keys, and Special Functionality simultaneously, faster and easier.

The Numeric Keypad also uniquely includes the addition of a BIG Tab key, along a BIG Enter key, and a WIDE Zero key, allowing for easy navigation, and faster and more comfortable Data Entry, swift number, and data work.

Truly Ergonomic use of Soft Tactile Mechanical Switches, standard with their Mechanical Keyboards, has been extended to the Numeric Keypad, giving the user a soft and tactile feedback, and a huge lifespan of over 60 Million keystrokes. Mechanical Numeric Keypads make typing more pleasurable while requiring less effort, are more satisfying to use and less wearing on the body.

A Revolutionary and Patented design means a comfortable and ergonomic user experience for everyone that works in Data Entry as well as with large scale projects involving large amount of numbers on an ongoing basis.

Truly Ergonomic Mechanical Numeric Keypad’s unique design features a back-sloped stance, with concave-cylindrical keycaps, providing a comfortable and ergonomically correct working experience, no matter the time spent entering large amounts of numbers and/or data.

Furthermore, the Numeric Keypad incorporates special functionality users need: Home, End, Page up, and Page Down, and unique shortcuts like Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Redo, and even Edit-Cell functionality. A Shift key is also included to extend the selection - allowing for fast Cut-Copy-Paste, and faster and easier access to common symbols.

When a user has a large scale data entry or spreadsheet project that has to be completed with speed and accuracy, the Truly Ergonomic Mechanical Numeric Keypad will help users sail through them easily and comfortably. It is the most comfortable and ergonomic solution for Data Entry tasks, Accounting, Book-keeping, or Spreadsheet projects. This revolutionary mechanical numeric keypad will help users power through even the most intensive number crunching sessions.

Media Points - The Truly Ergonomic Mechanical Numeric Keypad for Data Entry:

• 21-key Numeric Keypad.
• BIG Tab, BIG Enter, and WIDE Zero keys for no-look fast number entering.
• Uniquely engineered for simultaneous use of Number keys and Directional keys.
• No NumLock requirement greatly accelerates workload and accuracy.
• Back sloped and contoured keycaps promotes comfortable and ergonomic use.
• Extra Functionality: Home, End, Page Up, Page Down; Cut, Copy, Paste; Undo, Edit-Cell, Redo.
• Shift key to extend the selection, and along number keys provide common symbols.
• Works with Windows®, OS X®, and Linux®.

• Manufactured using High-Reliability Soft Tactile Mechanical Switches:
• Life Span: over 60 million keystrokes
• Actuation Force: 45g
• Actuation Distance: 1.9mm
• Full-travel Distance: 4mm

• Length: 6.00 inches (155 mm)
• Width: 3.75 inches (95 mm)
• Height: 1.50 inches (35 mm)

More information on the Truly Ergonomic Mechanical Numeric Keypad for Data Entry, and all sales and shipping details can be found at the Truly Ergonomic website ( as well as other online retailers. The suggested retail price is $75.00 USD.

Please note the Truly Ergonomic Numeric Keypad’s Logical Key Position and Functionality are PATENTED.

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