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Trump Super PAC Designs New Trump Educational Policy to Eliminate College Student Loan Debt of 1.37 Trillion Dollars

NEW YORK, NY, 10016, August 23, 2016 / -- Trump Super PAC, Get our Jobs Back Inc. announced today the all new Trump educational policy solution that will ‘WIPEOUT’, the entire college student loan debt of 1.37 trillion dollars. CEO Steven Hoffenberg at Get Our Jobs Back Inc. is the fundraising expert, who invented the woven Trump educational policy solution, that will ‘WIPEOUT’ the student loan debt ‘PAST & FUTURE’, under the Trump administration.

The United States spends more money per student than any other nation in the world, and Americans are exasperated with the education spending in the United States, which the lack thereof is reflected in the college student loan debt of 1.37 trillion dollars, The current student loan debt, is rising at an alarming rate of $2,726.03 per second, making it a ticking time bomb, threatening to blow up the U.S. economy, which is now over 19 trillion dollars and growing,

“They're in college and they're doing well but they've got student loans up to the neck. They're swimming in these loans,” stated Republican Presidential Nominee, Donald Trump.

The statistics are clear, America is in desperate need of an educational policy solution, and the all new Trump educational policy is not only the solution but a lasting one, which will not only ‘WIPEOUT’ the entire 1.37 trillion dollars in college student loan debt, but will make college ‘FREE’ for all students throughout the United States of America.

“In education, America ranks 26th in the world, and out of those 25 countries, some are third world countries. Our new Trump educational policy solution will make the American educational system great...once again," stated Trump Super PAC, CEO Steven Hoffenberg.

For further details, regarding the all new Trump educational policy solution to ‘WIPEOUT’ the college student loan debt ‘PAST & FUTURE’ contact:

Trump Super PAC CEO
Steven Hoffenberg
CEO/Get Our Jobs Back Inc.
Phone: 267-319-4420
Twitter (NYSE: TWTR): steven hoffenbergw (@stevenhoffenber)

235 E. 40 Street
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New York, NY 10016

Steven Hoffenberg
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