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Reviewer says the Travelsafer Digital Tire Pressure Gauge is the most awesome ever

Switch easily between 4 ranges with the press of a button

Checking tire pressure saves lives

The company GetaLife are proud to release recent 5 star reviews of their Travelsafer digital tire pressure gauge. 1000+ satisfied customers are raving about it.

This is the most awesome tire gauge ever. I love the fact that it is digital. There is no more guessing about the number. It is very easy to use and read.
— A happy customer
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 29, 2016 / -- One happy customer wrote, “This is the most awesome tire gauge ever. I love the fact that it is digital. There is no more guessing about the number. It is very easy to use and read. I love that it has a blue light to help you see. It seems well made. I think that it will last a long time.”

The gauge itself is made from lightweight plastic for ease of handling but is very sturdy to tolerate knocks and bumps.

“My son accidentally dropped the gauge on a tile floor with no apparent damage. It is made of plastic, but it seems durable enough. The light weight does make it easier to use one handed than my heavier metal and glass gauge. With my old gauge, I have to hold the dial in one hand or let it hang down while I attach the tube end onto the valve. With this gauge, I can do it all with just one hand.

I also really like how quickly it takes a reading so you don't lose a significant amount of air just to check the pressure.”

Another happy customer wrote, “This is an extremely easy to use digital tire pressure gauge by Travel Safer. My hubby is the one who has always taken care of everything that has anything to do with our vehicles and most of the time that includes putting gas in the car too. With that said, this is a first for both of us as far as having me do anything remotely related to car maintenance.

It was so easy for me to use this digital tire pressure gauge that I am sure anyone can successfully use it as well. I did not need my hubby's help but I did read over the instructions. There really was not much to the instructions so I was able to quickly read it and off I went to test out the pressure of my tires.”

“A must have tool to carry in the glove box of your car, truck or SUV, and small enough to carry in a back pack on your bicycle or motor bike,” says James from GetaLife. “No more struggling with awkward gas station gauges to get accurate tire pressure anywhere, anytime day or night.”

The Travelsafer tire pressure gauge has easy push button start and automatic turn off to save battery life. Change between 4 ranges, PSI, Bar, Kpa and kg/cm2 with a further push of the button.

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