OddsShark Studios Now Open For Your Sport Video Needs

Video is the new content king, and OddsShark's new cutting edge facility is here to help with all the video and audio you need to make your content shine.

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA, August 18, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Video is the new content king, and OddsShark is ready to help you create, produce or enhance video content that accompany your articles for any sporting event. OddsShark's cutting edge facility is designed to provide the video and audio you need to make your content shine for any event on the sports calendar. From Super Bowl to the Kentucky Derby, OddsShark's got you covered.

Looking for a guest to talk about the latest odds, or trends for the weekend's big game? OddsShark's experts can provide you with a quote, commentary, or make an appearance live on your show.

OddsShark's Sports Analyst, Jon Campbell, is available this week to talk NFL, the upcoming season and where to keep an eye out for the underdog.

OddsShark's studio is state of the art - equipped with 4K Black Magic camera systems complete with switchers and recorders. It's backed by a full Adobe post-production and motion graphics suite. Plus a retractable green screen that allows customizable backgrounds for any situation.

We are witnessing a new era in sports betting where placing a wager on Sunday's game is becoming as big as the game itself, and that means accurate odds and betting info are a big part of mainstream sports coverage. Whether it's wacky trends for Super Bowl, the best underdogs at the Oscars, or how to pick your March Madness bracket, OddsShark Team is available with all the info, trends, and odds when you need them.

If you would like more information, or would like to book an interview with Jon Campbell, please contact Meredith O'Hara, PR Manager for OddsShark.com at 1-902-334-4411 or mohara@getchalk.com.

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