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Tempered Networks Enables Industry First Enterprise-Wide IP Mobility

New Global IP Namespace Makes Network Infrastructure More Nimble, Secure and Easier to Manage; Allows Applications and Devices to Keep IP Address, Regardless of Platform or Network

/ -- LAS VEGAS, NV -- (Marketwired) -- 08/03/16 -- BLACK HAT USA - Tempered Networks Inc., the pioneer of Identity-Defined Networking (IDN), has announced its new Global IP Namespace capability that gives enterprise IT the ability to make instant changes to their network infrastructure to support key business initiatives, with faster time to market. An industry first, Global IP Namespace enables IT staff to rapidly move endpoints and systems across hybrid networks -- with no IP address modifications. See demos of Global IP Namespace and more at the company's Black Hat booth #1567.

Global IP Namespace enables enterprises to achieve what has been previously impossible or impractical with traditional networking or Software-Defined Networking solutions. Use cases are unlimited, but examples include: full data center redundancy with real-time failover; rapidly migrate resources between the physical world to the virtual world; instantly remove and quarantine a compromised device from hundreds of networks. This powerful capability is enabled by Tempered Networks IDN fabric-based platform, which helps customers overcome the constraints of IP networking and achieve true mobility. It provides device-based cryptographic identities, network cloaking, and a fully encrypted IDN fabric, all orchestrated through an intuitive single pane-of-glass management interface.

"Enterprises struggle with conflicting requirements, namely, simultaneously ensuring users can access network resources where ever they are, ensuring the connectivity is secure, and doing it in a manageable fashion," said Mike Fratto, research director, Current Analysis. "Typical solutions are made up of numerous products that have to be technically and operationally integrated. Global IP Namespace address those issues and more in a manner that is familiar to IT and is transparent to the end user."


Tempered Networks HIP services can effectively function as a router and a bridge, without requiring any administrative changes to the underlying network, and eliminating the need to maintain VPNs, complex firewall rule sets, VLAN segmentation, and ACLs in an attempt to accomplish secure segmentation.

  • In a non-HIP-enabled deployment, a machine's IP address is used simultaneously for both identity and location. This creates a vulnerable identity (i.e. spoofable, hackable). And, since the IP address also serves as a locator, it can frequently change causing conflicts, management overhead, security holes, and availability issues.
  • In a HIP-enabled deployment, a machine is assigned a unique cryptographic identity (CID) that becomes its identity. The IP address only serves as a device locator, but will only work within the IDN fabric if you have the correct CID in order to initiate communication. Even if you know the machine's IP behind a HIPswitch you cannot ping it -- there is no TCP/IP footprint.
  • In a hybrid IDN and legacy IP network, only those devices with an issued CID can join the IDN fabric. In a hybrid IDN and legacy IP network, only those devices with an issued CID can join the IDN fabric. Only machines and networks that have an explicit trust relationship policy can locate one another.
  • Global IP Namespace is managed using the Tempered Networks Conductor, a scalable orchestration engine, giving IT staff the ability to instantly move IP addresses of machines or move the machines with their IP address, anywhere in the world, to any network, without making any routing changes. It works across any network type (wired, wi-fi, cellular, radio, SatCom, and serial-based networks).

"With Global IP Namespace as the foundation of our elastic encrypted fabric, any IP scheme an organization wants to use is a non-issue," said Marc Kaplan, VP of Security Architecture at Tempered Networks. "For example, I can take a physical SQL server and move it to a virtual SQL server, and then move it to AWS, without ever having to change its IP address, and its behavior stays the same. It's a uniquely powerful capability that's part of our IDN fabric. For the first time in the industry the network is as adaptable as software. The speed at which networking teams can now move will be as fast if not faster than DevOps accelerating time-to-market and reduced OpEx."

Global IP Namespace is available today and ships with Tempered Networks latest IDN solution. Customers under current maintenance agreements can upgrade their Conductors and HIPswitches to the latest firmware at no additional charge. For more information, contact your reseller or

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About Tempered Networks
Tempered Networks is the pioneer of Identity-Defined Networking (IDN), unifying networking and security with a simplified approach that removes the constraints of IP networking. Our elastic and fully encrypted IDN fabric protects every connected resource with a unique crypto identity, instead of a spoofable IP address, enabling you to cloak any IP or serial-enabled endpoint, machine or network -- with no IP modifications. For the first time, any network and connected resource can be orchestrated, cloaked, and encrypted from the start. Device-based trust is flexible and portable and extends from any external and public cloud network to internal network hosts and clients. Any IP resource can now be instantly provisioned, moved, or revoked, making your network as adaptable as software, more secure, and simpler to manage. For more information go to

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