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The Perfect Meditation: Dream Reality Cinema Launches Guided Program for Lucid Dreaming

New Dream Meditation Center Helps Visitors Make the Most of Their Sleep

/EIN News/ -- Los Angeles, CA, July 19, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dream Reality Cinema launches the first-of-its-kind guided program for lucid dreaming. Developed by lauded Hungarian philosopher and biocybernetics researcher Sandor Lengyel, the Beverly Hills, California “dream cinema” is taking the concept of visualization to the next level with conscious dreaming. With continued practice, clients can learn to normalize sleep and stress disorders, unlock creativity, improve energy, overcome mental and physical setbacks, and eventually, manifest their dreams in waking life.

“Lucid dreaming is a method that has been used by philosophers for centuries. With Dream Reality Cinema, we are finally sharing that method with the masses,” said Lengyel. “When we dream consciously, our brains recall the dream as if it were a real life memory. This means any achievements or obstacles overcome while in this dream state have the same impact on the mind and muscle memory as they would in our waking lives. For instance, whether you practice your basketball skills in a lucid dream or in waking life, your brain registers, benefits, and learns from it all the same.”

Research shows the average person spends one-third of his or her life asleep. Dream Reality Cinema aims to teach people to make the most of that time through conscious dreaming. Individuals are brought to a zero gravity chair, where they will be given cinematic glasses and noise canceling headphones. Over the next 45 minutes, they will experience a 360-degree sensory experience, expertly designed to teach the brain to more easily enter the lucid dream state.

“The power of meditation and visualization is widely reported. And, lucid dreaming is the perfect meditation because there is no way for your conscious mind to interfere with the practice,” said Lengyel. “Dream Reality Cinema basically prepares your mind for lucid dreaming. Though each session is 45 minutes long, the conscious dream state entered makes it feel significantly shorter. Visitors usually leave feeling instantly more relaxed and usually find they sleep much more deeply and dream more vividly. Overtime, it can help them master the art of lucid dreaming and thus, help them to manifest their dreams in their waking lives.”

Based on more than 25 years of research and human cybernetics, Dream Reality Cinema intends to place individuals on the fast track to lucid dreaming. Tickets are $80 with bulk packages available at a discounted price.

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Pooling more than 25 years of research, Dream Reality Cinema introduces a first-of-its-kind guided program for lucid dreaming. Based in biocybernetics and founded by lauded Hungarian philosopher Sandor Lengyel, Dream Reality Cinema is the ultimate brain hack, teaching individuals the key method for manifesting ones dreams in waking life. With continued practice, individuals will learn to remember, control, and eventually unlock valuable information stored deep in the subconscious mind. The dream consciousness achieved can help normalize sleep and stress disorders, stimulate creativity, improve energy, imagination, and memory, rejuvenate the body and mind, and dissolve limitations that create setbacks in waking life.


Matt Rindone, Media Representative