Animation Series Rides a Wave of Environmental Purpose

Friendship, environmental awareness and fun are at the center of this animation series that will inspire positive change in our world.

MOUNTAINSIDE, NJ, UNITED STATES, July 19, 2016 / -- You are never too small to dream big, and Brien Arone is bringing his mother’s dream back to life. Brian is taking the characters his mother created and turning them into an animation series inspirational enough to start a wave of positive change for Earth’s youngest citizens.

A Kickstarter campaign has started for his animation series, “Sandy Dollar and the SeaBabies.” The animation series focuses on environmental education and taking care of those around us with a lot of friendship and fun along the way. This entertainment project with a purpose has some great quality animation and musical score already started, but needs full funding for the dream to come true.

Brian says “The line of characters my Mom created stood for everything this world needs.” Every character from Sandy Dollar to Finley certainly brings out good character in children. The characters inspirethem to positively interact with each other and get involved in changing the environment for the better.Sandy Dollar turns animation into an emotion with her can-do spirit and her message of compassion, forgiveness, and love.
Another theme in the series is that of empowerment and control. Kids often feel that they are powerless in the world and have no control over negative things that are going on around them. Sandy Dollar and her friends show kids that there are things that they can control in their lives and their environment. By taking steps to do good, they can make a positive difference in the world.

With business relationships already built in the entertainment, toy, and children’s educational book industries, the only thing lacking is money to get the animation series fully off the ground. If the project is fully funded, animation can progress and development of interactive educational programing for the series website can be realized. Ride a wave of positive change and check out the “Sandy Dollar and the SeaBabies” Kickstarter campaign at

Brien P. Arone
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