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Land Securities Group PLC ("Company") Notification of Transactions by Persons Discharging Managerial Responsibilities ("PDMRs")

/ -- LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM -- (Marketwired) -- 06/28/16 -- Land Securities Group PLC (LSE: LAND) (OTC PINK: LSGOF) -- The Company provides notification of the following transactions effected on 27 June 2016 in respect of the following Executive Directors and other PDMRs relating to their interests in the ordinary shares of nominal value 10p each in the capital of the Company ("Shares").

The transactions arise from: (1)(a) the release and vesting on 27 June 2016 of a deferred award of Shares made on 25 June 2014 and 2015, and (b) a deferred award of Shares made on 27 June 2016, both pursuant to the rules of the Company's Deferred Share Bonus Plan, and (2) the annual award of Shares made on 27 June 2016 pursuant to the rules of the Company's Long-Term Incentive Plan ("LTIP") and Matching Share Plan ("MSP"), as appropriate.

(1)(a) Release and   Total number  Shares        Shares        Shares
vesting of a         of deferred   compulsorily  voluntarily   retained
deferred award of    Shares        sold at       sold at
Shares made on 25    released and  911.5p per    911.5p per
June 2014 and 2015   vesting(1)    share(2)      share

Name (title)
Robert Noel,
(Chief Executive)    33,427        15,743        -             17,684
Martin Greenslade
(Chief Financial
Officer)             22,134        10,405        11,729        -
Colette O'Shea
(MD, London
Portfolio)           7,174         3,379         -             3,795
Scott Parsons
(MD, Retail
Portfolio)           7,174         3,374         3,800         -

(1) Satisfied through the transfer of market purchased Shares from the
    Company's Jersey-based Employee Benefit Trust.
(2) To cover the individual's personal tax and social security liability
    that arises on vesting.

(1)(b) Deferred award of       Shares         Shares         Total number
Shares made on 27 June 2016(3) deferred till  deferred till  of deferred
                               first          second         Shares awarded
                               anniversary of anniversary of
                               award (i.e. 27 award (i.e. 27
                               June 2017)     June 2018)

Robert Noel                    37,492         578            38,070
Martin Greenslade              24,405         376            24,781
Colette O'Shea                 8,444          -              8,444
Scott Parsons                  6,051          -              6,051

(3) As relates to the annual bonus payable in respect of the Company's
    2015/16 financial year.

(2) LTIP and MSP Shares award  LTIP Shares awarded    MSP Shares awarded
made on 27 June 2016           (max)(4)               (max)(4) (5)

Robert Noel                    229,453                -
Martin Greenslade              149,361                -
Colette O'Shea                 50,497                 30,298
Scott Parsons                  47,574                 28,544

(4) Both the LTIP and MSP awards normally vest on the third anniversary of
    grant subject to the Company's achievement of certain Total Shareholder
    Return and Total Property Return performance conditions (which applies
    to each 50% of the award) for the three-year financial period ending 31
    March 2019, as more particularly set out in the Director's Remuneration
    Report of the Company's 2016 Annual Report. Vested awards are satisfied
    through the transfer of market purchased Shares from the Company's
    Jersey-based Employee Benefit Trust.
(5) The MSP awards have been granted on a 2:1 matching basis by the Company.
    Therefore, the individual (directly or through their connected persons)
    is required to acquire within 30 days of grant, and then hold throughout
    the three-year term, Shares equal in value to 50% (net) of the MSP award
    in order to qualify for the full MSP award. The Executive Directors are
    not eligible to participate in the MSP.

As a result of and including the above transactions, the outstanding aggregate interest in Shares held by each individual is as follows:

                             Interest in     Interest in     Shares owned
                             Shares under    Shares under    (including
                             option(6)       long-term       those held by
                                             incentives(7)   connected

Robert Noel                  -               892,045         278,192(8)
Martin Greenslade            1,938           592,285         386,233(8)
Colette O'Shea               2,195           281,894         39,159
Scott Parsons                4,366           261,980         50,067

(6) Pursuant to the rules of the Company's all-employee Savings-Related
    Share Option Plan.
(7) Pursuant to the rules of the Company's discretionary Long-Term Incentive
    Plan, Matching Share Plan and Deferred Share Bonus Plan (as applicable).
(8) These interests are in excess of the required holding levels (250% x
    salary for the Chief Executive and 200% x salary for the Chief Financial
    Officer) pursuant to the Company's share ownership guidelines.

This notice is given in fulfilment of the Company's obligation under DTR 3.1.2R.

Land Securities contact:

Michael Arnaouti
+44 (0)20 7024 5219
Deputy Company Secretary