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Royal Wood Floors Explains Why Buffing and Coating Services Are the First Line of Defense for Beautiful Hardwood Floors

Tampa-based wood floor restoration company advises homeowners to always consider a buff and coat project as their first option.

MILWAUKEE, WI, UNITED STATES, June 17, 2016 / -- Tampa-based wood floor restoration company advises homeowners to always consider a buff and coat project as their first option when restoring their wood floors.

Royal Wood Floors, a Tampa hardwood flooring company, is the bearer of good news for homeowners who want to bring their tired floors back to life. A simple and fast buff-and-coat job may be all that is necessary to fix scratches, give the floors some new luster and bring them to their former glory, while avoiding the high costs of a full refinishing job. Keith Allman, the owner of the company, estimates that the buff-and-coat option can save homeowners 50 percent of a full sand-and-finish project cost.

“Many times, homeowners assume that sanding and refinishing is the only alternative for restoring worn wood floors,” says Allman. “However, more often than not, the damage is superficial and has not yet reached the wood. When the wood planks are in good shape, replacing the top coat may be enough to revive the floors.”
The assumption that sanding and refinishing is the unavoidable solution for tired floors can be traced to the confusion caused by industry-specific terms. “Refinishing” and “buffing” are often used interchangeably, yet they refer to different methods of restoring wood floors.

It all comes down to the type of damage that needs attention. If the dents, scratches or water spills have extended to the wood, sanding away the top layer of the planks and reapplying the stain is the way to go, a process that is called refinishing. However, if the damage remains at the level of the finish layer and has not touched the wood, removing the old hardwood floor coating and replacing it with a new one is all that is required.This process is called buffing and coating, which is a simple repair and preventative measure that keeps the wood planks underneath in perfect shape.

The distinction goes even farther. A sanding and refinishing project is a highly disruptive process that takes time. It is not only the dust-producing sanding job and the stain application that can last a few days, but also the curing process that may take weeks. During the sanding and refinishing process, homeowners should move out to avoid breathing dust and fumes.

By contrast, a professional hardwood floor refinishing company can complete a buff-and-coat job in one day with comparatively little inconvenience. The process preserves both the color and the character of the floors. Finally, while each sand-and-finish job chips away at the wood longevity, buffing and coating does not touch the wood, thus extending the life of the planks.

Royal Wood Floors professionals have a final word of caution. Homeowners should employ wood floor buff and coat services every few years, regardless of the state of their floors. Just because the damage is not obvious does not mean that the wood underneath the protective layer is in good shape. In fact, by the time the deterioration becomes evident, it may be too late for a simple buff and coat project. A better alternative is to replace the finish before it shows signs of abuse, so that the planks underneath are protected at all times against daily wear and tear.

For more information about this experienced and professional hardwood floor restoration company, or to schedule repairs by these wood floor refinishing contractors, or learn about custom wood styles or the company’s inlay and medallion installation services, phone Keith Allman at 414-378-2066. Easy estimates and appointments are currently available through the company’s website, The company provides top craftsmanship and cares for many types of custom and domestic wood. Visit the company’s website for examples of previous work.

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