Actress Cecilia Deacon Wraps Production on 'The Transcendents'

Actress Cecilia Deacon shot by Marc Kayne

Canadian actress Cecilia Deacon stars in Derek Ahonen's upcoming film "The Transcendents"

AGOURA HILLS, USA, June 3, 2016 / -- Canadian actress Cecilia Deacon, who is known for her work on the series "Catch-30" and "Deadly Sins" as well as for being a featured actress in campaigns for Truvivity, Ouidad and L’Oreal, wrapped production on the upcoming film "The Transcendents" last month where she took on one of the starring roles as Cecilia.

The film, which is currently in post-production, is a rock n' roll detective story of sorts that revolves around a colorful group of characters who each in their own way is struggling to transcend their past traumas, which span the gamut ranging from child abuse to murder.

"The Transcendents" also stars Rob Franco ("Sin City: A Dame to Kill For," "A Woman Betrayed") as Roger, Savannah Rose as Kim, The Go-Go’s bassist Kathy Valentine ("The Drew Carey Show") as Jan, Ben Reno ("Terminus," "How We Built the Bomb") as Foster and Billy LeRoy ("Dirty Old Town," "The Guitar") as George.

Set in Los Angeles, the story follows Roger (Franco), a drifter who, after a 10-year absence, returns to LA in search of the rock band "The Transcendents." A former member of the band, Roger goes to incredible lengths to find the other members who stole his music so many years ago.

Cecilia's character, one of Roger's past lovers, has had a rough go of things since he left, and he returns to find her deaf and confined to a wheelchair due to a terrible accident; but, having come to terms with her disabilities and a new found gratitude for life, Cecilia is able to provide Roger the nurturing support he needs as he encounters a well of emotionally trying situations in a way that she was never able to before.

"She was in love with Roger years ago, and in her love for him years later, provides a safe harbor for him. She is all love… In her past it lead her to hurt and self destruction, but when Roger returns to her life, she has moved through her personal darkness and able to be fully giving," says Deacon about her character.

For Deacon, who has proven her prowess as an actress with performances in a wide range of multi-layered characters both in film and on stage, adapting to her character's disabilities required intense preparation in order to fully develop Cecilia for the screen.

The actress explains, "The physical limitations of the character were the most challenging aspect of her; being deaf and paraplegic for the majority of the film. I tried not to move once I got in the wheelchair for a scene. Make my legs fall asleep. And drowning out dialogue and focusing on ambient sounds to sort of shift my focus from audio cues to physical cues."

Written and directed by internationally acclaimed New York playwright Derek Ahonen, the founder of The Amoralists Theatre Company whose mission is to "produce work of no moral judgment," "The Transcendents" brings audiences a truthful look into the gritty and sometimes unsettling lives of these complex characters.

"Cecilia is one of the most emotionally honest actors I had worked with. And with a character that was mute, I needed all of her expression to come through the eyes. I couldn't think of anyone better than her for the part," says Ahonen about Deacon's work on the film.

Produced by Melinda Prisco ("Mom," "Nostalgia," "Summum Bonum"), the highly anticipated film "The Transcendents" is expected to be released in 2017.

"It's beautiful and human and raw. It’s hilarious and it's cruel and it's visually stunning. I'm so proud to have been able to participate," admits Deacon about working on the film.

Prior to turning "The Transcendents" into a feature film, the production was debuted on stage run last summer, which was commissioned by the Village Repertory Company.

Ahonen has been lauded throughout the theatre industry for his work as the writer and director behind "The Pied Pipers of the Lower East Side," "Happy in the Poorhouse" and "Bring us the Head of Your Daughter," all of which received rave reviews.

Deacon has also built a dazzling reputation for herself in the theatre through her powerful performance as C in director Jonathan Bolt’s production of "Three Tall Women," and Helen in director Shoni Currier’s adaptation of "Trojan Women."

In fact, prior to landing a leading role in Ahonen's new film, Deacon took on the starring role of Estelle in Ahonen's production of Jean Paul Sartre's "No Exit" alongside actors Regina Blandon ("Mi Corazon es Tuyo," "Verano de Amor") and Christopher Wharton.

"I can't describe the joy I feel when I'm working on a project; even brutal ones. There is something very liberating about acting. Actors can explore any experience the human imagination can create. I can live and breathe the world as one being in one place, then go to a completely different one. I get to create a person, become a person, or find a person. It’s discovery and adventure on so many levels. It makes the mundane just a little more magical," Deacon explains about what drives her to perform.

Aside from the upcoming release of "The Transcendents," Cecilia Deacon is slated to star in the upcoming film "The Americans" directed by Sean McEwen and written by Craig Pinkston.

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