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DNA Brands Receives First Sample Run

Fort lauderdale FL, May 27, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DNA Brands receives first sample run

/EIN News/ -- DNA Brands is pleased to announce that the company has received their first product  sample run,  which will be  tested by several members of the company and  an outside  panel of industry professionals

The samples products received are:

Original (red bull type)


Citrus sweetened : which is orange like

Citrus sugar free: same as sweetened, just sugar free

Melon:  which is yellow and  has a mountain dew like profile

Cryoberry:  which is a sweetened cranrasberry

Cranrasberry:  which is a sugar free cryoberry.

“The company previously had eight flavors in  production.  Due to funding, I have decided  for the time being,  to stick to the 4 most popular flavors and grow from there.   This week has been a very productive week for the company.  We received our samples and I have began the process of solidifying an extremely important relationship, with an Industry powerhouse.   I will get into this relationship  in the coming weeks.  At the moment, I am bound by confidentiality.    All I can say is due to this new strategic  relationship, In the next week I will be on the road speaking with vendors and distributors.  This is a great plug and play relationship, that will more than likely expedite our schedule.  I am extremely happy  and excited to move forward next week” Stated President and CEO Adrian McKenzie.

This week the company also began the process of setting up an online  Store.  The online store is strictly for Pre sales, geared towards  the mom and pop, convenience store network (not for the public).  The online store will begin  Pre selling  only the Original Flavor, in order to get the product back into retail  for  the fourth Quarter of this year.

Adrian McKenzie

561 654-5722