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RP Management Solutions Triple Their Client's Southern Base in Three Months

/ -- GREENVILLE, SC -- (Marketwired) -- 05/24/16 -- Renee Place, Director of Opertions for RP Management Solutions in Greenville, South Carolina has paved the way for future expansions over the last two years. Hitting her stride with her eyes on the prize, RP Management Solutions flourised into two new locations in the last three months, tripling their multi-million dollar client's base.

The prize that Renee and the RP Management Solutions team have set their sights on, is growing into one of the most productive and beneficial partners for the national corporations which the company represents.

In the last three months, Renee aided in the expansion of two assoicates. The first of which was Betty Dillard. As a natural born leader, Betty took to the management training position with ease. It wasn't long before the clients took notice and extended her an offer in Athens, Georgia, a previously untouched terriroty. Since the expansion took place in March, Betty and her team of entrepreneurs have become one of the biggest assets of the southern region.

Following suit, a second RP Management Solutions associate, Jake Lee stole the spotlight, capitalizing on the company's recent client merger. Because of the excellent reputation he built, Jake was offered an opportunity to take on one of RP Management Solutions newest clients in Greenville, South Carolina along side Renee. "We welcomed the opportunity," said Renee. "Jake and I partnering in South Carolina will prove to be one of the most beneficial mergers of the year. We are a great team, and both the clients and I expect great things to come from Jake."

As momentum builds in South Carolina, whispers of four local locations opening have been circling RP Management Solutions. In repsonse to the question of wether these whispers are true, Renee said, "Unfortunately, we can not confirm or deny any of the rumours as we are still negotiating the terms of the expansions, but I can assure you RP Management Solutions is projected to span across four states by the end of the year."

With much to look forward to in the months to come, RP Management has opened their doors seeking the next generation of up-and-coming talent in Greenville. For more information about the opportunities offered, visit

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