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Honoring Stories Worth Telling

The Fantastic Love of Beeboy & Flowergirl

11 Years

Showcasing 127 New Media Films and content from 37 countries.55 World, 5 US, 33 LA Premieres June 7-9 in Los Angeles CA at The Landmark Theater

New technologies have empowered & enabled creators outside the studio/network system to make & develop cutting edge entertainment. New Media Film Festival highlights and showcases what will come next.
— Emmy and Golden Globe nominee Matthew Modine
LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, May 10, 2016 / -- Declared “Sundance for the Facebook Crowd” by Culture Rehab and hailed for making “the cutting edge accessible” by Huffington Post, The New Media Film Festival celebrates the ever-changing world of new media. Held on June 7-9th in Los Angeles at The Landmark Theater, the 2016 edition of the festival will showcase 127 films from 37 countries. 55 of those films will be world premieres.

Indeed, while many festivals have stuck with “old-school” programs of shorts and features, the NMFF offers a buffet of new media, including Machinima, mobile content, and VR. Besides envisioning the future of media, the festival is also concerned with the future of the world itself with its opening night film, Fragile Legacy.

Employing a blend of art, science, and history, the feature documentary examines a collection of antique glass sea creatures as a time capsule with which to compare today's ocean against that of 150 years ago. The film is a call to arms, designed for inspiring people to solve the urgent environmental problems facing our aquatic ecosystem. A former member of the Cousteau team, director David Owen Brown is a producer and cameraman, specializing in marine and aquatic issues. His work has aired on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, Discovery Channel and National Geographic. His photography has been exhibited at the Smithsonian and the American Museum of Natural History.

As always, the festival will include several high-octane roundtables with industry experts, including a special “Web Series Superstar Panel" that explores new strategies on engaging a global audience with new multi-platform viewing options.

Highlights of this year’s line-up include:

Years & Years: An Artificial Experience Music Motion Picture /
Dir. Brian Harrison (LA Premiere) – Man (Years & Years) and machine (AI) choose and order images to share the true psychedelic nature of consciousness and the imagination.

Rafael Alcides (The Stranger) /
Dir. Miguel Coyula (World Premiere) – Director Miguel Coyula (Sundance: Memories of Overdevelopment) explores the work of banned Cuban poet Rafael Alcides.

Aurora /
Dir. Kenson Lee – An 8-bit adventure through the 90's culture of arcades, games, and animation.
The Love To End All Love / Dir. Konstantin Ferstl (LA Premiere) – What to do when love ends? From a train ride through Siberia and North Korea, director Konstantin Ferstl returned home with a frozen left hand and this film poem on love and loss.

Snippets of a Lifetime /
Dir. Carolin Kraft – Every day we pass hundreds of strangers. Have you ever wondered what stories hide behind their faces and attitudes? 12 people reveal their most private thoughts in 12 short episodes.

The Fantastic Love of Beeboy & Flowergirl /
Dir. Clemens Roth – Peter is being followed by killer bees, Elsa collects exotic flowers from all over the world. To be together, they both have to overcome their fantasies.

11 Years /
Dir. Simon Begemann (LA Premiere) – Would you want to live another life? A rich old man uses all his money to get his mind and soul transferred to an artificial young and healthy body that he may use for eleven years, while his old body remains in a cryogenic vessel.

The Treatment / Dir. Marvin Meiendresch (LA Premiere) – One day Linus notices the massive door to his room has been left ajar and he takes the chance to escape. What he sees outside makes him question: Is he really who he believes he is?

Countries screening in the festival include:
Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Cuba, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Laos, Lebanon, Madagascar, Mexico, Mongolia, Nepal, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Syria, Thailand, UK, Ukraine, USA, Vietnam.

The jury includes reps from HBO, the Oscars, Grammy's, Emmy's, Marvel, among others.Tickets as well as passes including the closing night ceremony can be purchased at

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