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EyeCare & Vision Therapy Ctr. Helps Children Conquer Vision Problems Early

/EIN News/ -- NORTH LIMA, Ohio, Feb. 28, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For years, studies have shown the link between vision problems and school performance in children. Now, one Ohio eye doctor is working to help kids with vision correction they need.

Both doctors and educators have understood the correlation between vision and poor performance in the classroom for decades. This is why EyeCare & Vision Therapy Ctr. of North Lima offers a pediatric vision therapy program.

“Proper vision is really essential for learning,” explains Dr. Joseph Pederzolli. “If a child can’t see in the classroom, it really inhibits his or her ability to focus on their work. This is where vision therapy can really help.”

According to a study by the Mayo Clinic, 75 percent of children who’ve undergone weekly vision therapy appointments experienced full correction of convergence insufficiency. In addition, this type of treatment is also beneficial for those with crossed eyes, a lazy eye, or double vision due to the neurological aspect of the process.

To put it simply, vision therapy is just as effective as physical or occupational therapy, but for improved sight.

The program starts with a comprehensive eye exam to determine whether or not the child is an ideal candidate for the process. From there, a series of office visits incorporate special exercises designed to improve vision and vision processing. Children may also have a few therapy exercises to try at home a few times a week. The office sessions last 60 minutes and happen one to two times a week.

Common tools and equipment used within the program include optical filters, yoked prisms, vectograms, and visual-motor-sensory integration training devices. Even physical activity, such as a trampoline, are utilized during the sessions.

“The exercises used are tailored to the child’s needs and abilities,” further explains Pederzolli. “Generally, we will determine up front what we are hoping to accomplish through the program, monitor progress, and make necessary adjustments as we go. The main focus is always on what is best for the child’s vision.”

But little ones aren’t the only ones benefiting from this type of program. “Our adult patients notice less eye pain and strain from spending too much time in front of a screen,” says Pederzolli. “What they don’t realize they are doing through the vision therapy program is strengthening their sight overall.”

To learn more about the center and its vision therapy program, contact them directly at (330) 549-9780.

About EyeCare & Vision Therapy Ctr.

Located in North Lima, EyeCare & Vision Therapy Ctr. is committed to helping patients achieve their highest level of vision. For over three decades, Dr. Joseph Pederzolli has provided Ohio patients with top-notch vision care and cutting edge services. To schedule an appointment for yourself or your child, please call (330) 549-9780.

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