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Birmingham Chiropractor Back On Track Chiropractic and Wellness Center Raising Awareness About National Heart Month and How Chiropractic Care Contributes to Heart Health

/EIN News/ -- BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Feb. 28, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Back On Track Chiropractic and Wellness Center would like to alert the Birmingham, Alabama area about the month of February’s significance as National Heart Month. It is a time of national awareness about the issue of heart disease, which takes well over 600,000 American lives each year. In fact, one in four deaths in the U.S. is related to heart disease. However, there is now evidence that chiropractic treatment can help to lower the risk factors associated with heart disease.

Specifically, a recent study by the University of Chicago published in the Journal of Human Hypertension has shown that chiropractic adjustment can assist in regulating blood pressure, which contributes to general heart health. Doctors still aren’t precisely sure what causes high blood pressure, but adjusting the vertebrae of the neck in a specific way seems to help reduce hypertension.

The C-1 vertebra located at the top of the spine is like the body’s circuit breaker. If pinched or twisted, nerves and arteries can be blocked. This causes discomfort as well as decreased blood flow. The brain and its ability to regulate blood pressure may also be affected.

The link between a decrease in elevated blood pressure and a spinal alignment is empowering news for those with this issue. A simple chiropractic adjustment in this area seems to reduce pressure and pinching, allowing the blood to flow more freely to both the body and brain.

High blood pressure is one of the leading causes of both stroke and heart disease. People with this issue tend to be three times more likely to die from heart disease and four times more likely to have a fatal a stroke. High blood pressure also very often doesn’t have any symptoms, so getting it checked regularly is key.

In addition to chiropractic care, refraining from smoking, watching sodium intake and eating nutritiously can all help to regulate blood pressure and contribute to heart health.

Dr. Scott Duca of Back On Track Chiropractic and Wellness Center shares, “At any given time, 65 million Americans are battling heart disease, and over 67 million have high blood pressure. Treating the C-1 vertebrae is a simple adjustment that can contribute to lowered blood pressure and a healthy heart.”

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