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Trinity Pet Hospital Offers Affordable Spay and Neuter Services

/EIN News/ -- LAGUNA HILLS, Calif., Feb. 28, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Laguna Hills veterinary center reminds pet owners of the importance of having their animals spayed or neutered by offering affordable services.

It isn’t much of a secret that spaying and neutering pets is important. Not only does this keep unwanted litters of adorable puppies and kittens off the street, it can improve the overall quality of life for an animal. Still, many cat and dog owners fail to have the procedure done because of financial issues. Thankfully, Laguna Hills’ Trinity Pet Hospital is making the process easier.

“Millions of animals die each year due to overpopulation, which is easily preventable by simply reducing the number of litters that happen,” explains Trinity Pet Hospital’s Dr. Kerolos. “But, in many cases, the cost is prohibitive. This is why we’ve chosen to price our services at an affordable rate.”

For Orange County pet owners concerned about the safety of their furry family member during this type of procedure, Kerolos says that the discomfort is minimal and the process is very safe. In fact, the pet is usually back to a normal state within a few days.

“The biggest irritation for a dog or cat is usually having to wear an e-collar for a little while to keep the stitches from being loosened,” he explains. “Past that, they’re usually okay right away.”

The center also stresses that early intervention is crucial, as failing to wait until the pet is fully grown can make the overall process harder on their bodies and cause additional health risks due to full development of reproductive organs.

“Most dog and cat owners already know that spaying and neutering is crucial to the health of their pet,” explains Dr. Kerolos. “Science has shown that spaying a female animal early can help reduce the chance of mammary or uterine cancer. And, for males, neutering can help with aggression issues.”

Those that are concerned about paying for this type of pet procedure should contact the center directly. From there, a staff member can help determine what options are available for those who aren’t sure they can afford it.

“A lot of times, we are able to help people who don’t otherwise think they can afford a spay or neuter surgery,” continues Kerolos. “All they have to do is contact us and we can usually come up with some sort of solution. 

Trinity Pet Hospital is open six days a week for patient convenience. They may be contacted by calling (949) 768-1314.

About Trinity Pet Hospital

Trinity Pet Hospital is proud to be Laguna Hills’ premier veterinary clinic. They offer a wide range of services including animal healthcare, spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, microchipping, and more. Contact their friendly and knowledgeable team today at (949) 768-1314.

Trinity Pet Hospital, (949) 768-1314