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Roy A. Logan Chiropractic Clinic Addresses Whiplash Injury in Car Accident Victims

/EIN News/ -- AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 21, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Whiplash injuries are the most common injuries for patients recovering from car accidents, reports Roy A. Logan Chiropractic Clinic. Patients at this chiropractic clinic begin to feel relief after the first few visits at this Austin clinic. Whiplash injuries to the cervical spine can cause substantial discomfort for car accident victims, and subtle chiropractic techniques have been found to aid in the healing process and realignment of the vertebrae of the spine. As patients begin to increase their range of motion and feel less pain, they experience more ease as they perform their daily tasks.

As reported in numerous studies, whiplash is the most prevalent injury as a result from car accidents. In a car accident, a sudden force occurs when the car comes to a sudden stop that “whips” the cervical spine beyond a normal range of motion. This can strain tendons and ligaments as well as move the vertebrae out of alignment. Patients that suffer from a whiplash injury experience symptoms such as recurrent neck pain, shoulder pain, migraines, stiffness, blurred vision, ringing ears and depression. Chiropractic care after a careful diagnostic evaluation can improve and eliminate expressed symptoms.

“Chiropractic treatment is effective in the treatment of whiplash injuries and subluxations,” said Dr. Roy Logan. “From my experience as a chiropractor, I look to use a range of modalities that tap into the healing abilities naturally present in the body. As pressure and inflammation reduces, careful manipulations, stretches and exercises assist the body during the recovery process. Patients report feeling significant relief and improved range of motion starting in only a few sessions of a tailored therapy program.”

Patients offer their praise. A current patient shared, “I highly recommend Dr. Logan. I started seeing Dr. Logan for a car accident I was in about 2 years ago. I see him now when I hurt my back in the yard, sleep wrong, or something of that nature. Dr. Logan always gets me going again quickly. He never tries to sell me 100 appointments I don’t need.”

Dr. Roy Logan has been offering chiropractic services to Austin residents and those in the surrounding communities. The use of mixed modalities such as chiropractic, manipulation, massage therapy, physical therapy and specialists from a network of orthopedists, therapists and personal trainers help individual patients during their recovery to reach their health objectives. Every health care plan is uniquely tailored to a patient’s needs at the Roy. A. Logan Chiropractic Clinic. Patients can depend on Dr. Logan to listen and sensitively address any concerns and work with them to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Call (512) 215-3256 to speak with a knowledgeable associate and discuss the treatment options available for whiplash injuries or visit for more details.

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