Effort To Bring Attention To Cursive Handwriting Culminates In Worldwide Support on Jan. 23

Supporters in 9 countries and 16 U.S. states join forces; C4C Writing Contest Opens on National Handwriting Day.

VENTURA, CA, USA, January 23, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Cursive handwriting—bring it back! Members of the Campaign for Cursive (C4C), part of the nonprofit American Handwriting Analysis Foundation, are sponsoring 60 global events, articles and interviews in 16 US states and 9 countries. (See List of Events.) A growing grassroots effort, C4C has been gathering momentum in its quest to focus attention on the importance of returning cursive handwriting instruction to public schools. As most Americans are familiar with John Hancock, the first signer of the U.S. Declaration of Independence, and his large, bold signature, C4C in conjunction with the Writing Instrument Manufacturer’s association, has adopted January 23, Hancock’s birthday, to highlight their goal.

January 23 also kicks off their annual handwriting contest. "We are excited to have more sponsors than ever before supporting our Cursive is Cool ™ contest this year," said Gayna Scott, Chair of the C4C committee. "We believe it will help us get more kids writing and participating." In last year’s contest there was a strong response from Canada as well. "We felt they deserved to have their own competition," Scott said. "And this year, they do. Members in India want to start a competition, too."

Teachers, parents, and children interested in the cursive writing contest can find instructions to enter on the contest page.

A Social Media Challenge created by member Val Weil asks participants to write a short note and sign it, take a selfie with the note, and post it to share cursive writing across the world. Anyone can post to the Campaign for Cursive pages on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

The Campaign for Cursive has fostered a global conversation about the lack of handwriting training. Many did not realize how widespread the problem is. In Italy, led by Claudio Garibaldi, the Instituto Grafologico Internazionale Girolamo Moretti is sponsoring their own Campaign for the Right to Handwrite. "The Campaign focuses on the fact that we don’t have the right to cancel learning handwriting for future generations," Mr. Garibaldi stated. This is why C4C’s chief goal is to expand awareness about the importance of cursive handwriting training.

Theresa Ortega
Campaign For Cursive
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