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TrapX Security Named Finalist in InfoSecurity Product Guide's 2016 Global Excellence Awards

TrapX DeceptionGrid Selected as Finalist in the Category of Deception Based Security for the Industry's Leading Information Security Research and Advisory Guide

/ -- SAN MATEO, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 01/25/16 -- TrapX Security™, a global leader in advanced cyber security defense, today announced that it was selected as a finalist for InfoSecurity Product Guide's 12th Annual 2016 Global Excellence Awards in the Deception Based Security category. These prestigious global awards recognize security and IT vendors with advanced, groundbreaking products and solutions that are helping set the bar higher for others in all areas of security and technologies.

"As the pioneer of cyber deception technology and operations, TrapX is proud to be recognized as a leader in the Deception Based Security category by experts at InfoSecurity Product Guide. This honor also validates the rapidly growing need in the enterprise for next-generation solutions like DeceptionGrid," said Greg Enriquez, CEO of TrapX Security. "In light of an increasingly sophisticated and stealthy threat landscape, organizations in all sectors -- from finance and defense to healthcare -- need to assume that attackers have penetrated their networks and that they're already compromised. DeceptionGrid gives enterprise SOC teams the ability to see the complete story of that unfolding attack, so they can act rapidly to stop the attacker and resume normal operations."

The TrapX DeceptionGrid is next-generation technology that provides automated, highly accurate insight into malware and human based malicious activity through real-time detection, analysis and defense. The technology leverages a network of traps, known as emulations, in which fake assets are intermingled with a company's real information technology resources. Once attackers touch an emulation, a high-confidence alert is triggered and the attack can be compartmentalized, enabling companies to analyze a threat, watch and determine its objectives, or pull it offline altogether. In addition, the technology supports the security needs of Forbes Global 2000 commercial and government end users around the world in sectors that include defense, healthcare, finance, energy and other key industries.

"This recognition by well-respected industry media comes as no surprise," said Mark LaRosa, Vice President at Interana. "TrapX's DeceptionGrid technology has shaped the future of the deception space by strengthening the effectiveness of existing security solutions through automation, which includes everything from Zero Day detection to detailed attack analysis, thus allowing security administrators to focus on identifying and remediating attacks instead of maintaining configuration manually. Subsequently, DeceptionGrid not only extends the value and lifecycle of existing platforms, it also reduces the time to breach detection -- a critical component in mitigating risk brought on by advanced and sophisticated attacks."

Winners will be honored in San Francisco on February 29, 2016 during the annual awards dinner and presentation.

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TrapX Security is a leader in the delivery of advanced cyber security defense. Our solutions rapidly detect, analyze and defend against new zero-day and APT attacks in real time. DeceptionGrid™ provides automated, highly accurate insight into malware and malicious activity unseen by other types of cyber defense. We enable a proactive security posture, fundamentally changing the economics of cyber defense by shifting the cost to the attacker. The TrapX Security customer base includes Forbes Global 2000 commercial and government customers around the world in sectors that include defense, healthcare, finance, energy, consumer products and other key industries. Learn more at