Ehline Law Selected for Litigator Award

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Ehline Law Firm PC chosen for the highly elite "Litigator's Award." Now accepting clients involved in bodily injury cases.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, December 25, 2015 / -- The rapidly growing Los Angeles, Southern California firm Ehline Law with a Torrance location, has been selected as one of the soon to be awarded 2015 Litigator Awards. Selected by the Trial Lawyers Board of Regents, the firm, which provides personal injury help, was considered out of those considered under strong requirements. The Litigator Awards weighed several non-biased factors which the Ehline Law Firm PC excelled in.

Fewer than one percent of all law firms were above the high bar set by the Board of Regents. The Board was looking for exemplary service to the study of law and in assisting clients. This was an especially critical part of the consideration, as many clients seeking assistance from trial lawyers are in the most need. Ehline Law has been incredible in these efforts, garnering seven figures collectively for thousands of clients from California and beyond. Ehline's skill both in and out of the court has allowed his team incredible success to assist their clients with.

Ehline, a current member of the highly elite, Circle of Legal Trust, did not start out to become an attorney. He served honorably in the United States Marine Corps., before being honorably discharged due to a training injury while attending School of Infantry (SOI). He studied under several high profile judges, an appellate justice, and others, in order to gain the experience necessary to take the California State Bar Exam. Ehline graduated from law school and set up Ehline Law Firm PC, which he promised to provide nothing but the finest service. His motivation was partially built by his own experience suffering from injuries sustained in a rollover car crash when he was a boy living in Anaheim Hills, CA, off of Santiago Canyon Road and Nohl Ranch Road.

"It is a humbling experience," Ehline said, "Much of the thanks has to go to the incredible staff that has allowed our firm to expand and succeed." Ehline also thanked the clients that put their faith in him to help rebuild their lives.

Ehline will now take part in a national media tour with the Board of Regents. The Board is preparing media for publication on ABC, CNN, FoxNews, MSNBC, and more. The award will also be a central part in the Board of Regents' Legends & Litigators series, highlighting the efforts of those that have expanded and enlightened the legal field. Ehline will also receive a banner signifying the firm's victory, which will be proudly displayed, as will a Litigator Award Plaque.

This is just another example of how hard work can help shape how firms should operate. Ehline's efforts have allowed thousands of clients to have their lives pieced back together and hopes that this award can accelerate that process.

"Anyone that is injured in an accident deserves dignity and the right to continue with their lives," Ehline said.

Michael Ehline is a leading Los Angeles area attorney specialized in auto accidents and personal injury liability. Michael trained for the bar in the manner of Abraham Lincoln and has not ceased to be an advocate for those in need. For more information or to set up an appointment, please call

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