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Sri Lanka - UN Resolution: Allow the Tamil Diaspora to express their views: TGTE

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, September 23, 2015 / --

The second informal discussion on the draft resolution with country delegates, on Tuesday 22 Sept 2015, TGTE and other Tamil Diaspora groups together with representatives from the Tamil homeland attended the session.

Many observers felt that the informal consultations on the US draft resolution on Sri Lanka proceeded in the same vein it has unfolded in past years. Russia, China, Cuba and especially Pakistan strongly backed for dilution of the language, while the EU, Switzerland, Ireland, Norway, Canada and the core group of sponsors reiterated support of the draft.

TGTE representative Manicka Vasagar in an intervention, requested the chairman of the core group to allow the Tamil Diaspora groups to express their views, comments and concerns, for consideration into the resolution.

He went on to say that, as representatives of the Tamil Diaspora Groups, seeking justice and accountability for the victims and witnesses, more so for the 89 000 widows, 50 000 orphans, for the IDPs who are still living away from their own homes and lands, i.e. refused entry into their own properties, and seeking a peaceful permanent political solution to this long drawn ethnic issue in Sri Lanka, humbly requested the ambassadors to exercise their own judgement very carefully for human rights, for justice and accountability, so that the Tamils can live in peace with safety and with dignity.

He requested the delegates to understand that the Tamils have been short changed, cheated, fooled again and again by successive regimes in the past 66 years. Promises were never delivered, and now the national government for good governance are still refusing access to the OISL team to go and see the war zone area, and to gather further information on the ground from the victims.

We Tamils believe that war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide took place and the structuralhe genocide is continuing under the jackboot of the army.

We believe, as stated in the OISL report that due to the horrific level of violations and abuses, patterns of serious and grave international crimes, the High Commission should refer the OISL report to the International Criminal Court. We believe that the hybrid tribunal (yet to define its composition) will not be effective in ensuring accountability.

The manner in which the system of accountability is created will be the test of the credibility of the UNHRC system, the international community and the GoSL.

However, he welcomed the OISL report for a “Hybrid Special Court", with international judges and prosecutors, with all the 23 recommendations to the GoSL and more importantly the 5 recommendations to the UNHRC.

He stressed that the victims are hopeful and want to hear a clear strong positive message from the Council.

He urged the GoSL to engage with all stakeholders, including the key Tamil Diaspora groups, to sit with the international community, to resolve the ethnic issues with a permanent political solution through a referendum.

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