Brilliant Guitarist and Composer Daniel Raijman is Slated to Score the Upcoming Film 'Jay Rocco'

Film composer Daniel Raijman will dote his extraordinary talents as a musician and composer to award winning director Fernando J. Scarpa's film "Jay Rocco."

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, August 8, 2015 / -- Daniel Raijman, a renowned guitarist and esteemed film composer, has been tapped as the composer for the upcoming dramatic comedy film "Jay Rocco," which began filming earlier this year.

Created and directed by multi-award winning director Fernando J. Scarpa, the film follows Matteo, a good-looking young man who breaks into the house of famous Italian fashion designer Jay ROCCO, and claims to be his son.

Scarpa, the director of the multi-award winning films "Brothers" and "Doradus," produced the film "Compound 147" last year, which was scored by two-time Oscar nominee Marco Beltrami, the composer behind the score for the 2015 film "Fantastic 4."

Scarpa first became familiar with the exceptional strides Raijman made in the industry back home in Argentina; and, after having him compose the score for the trailer, he knew that there was nobody else but Raijman to compose the score for the film.

"It's remarkable when a composer gives music to a picture that has indeed been in my head with that tempo, that tone and taste since I was writing the script," said Scarpa.

With Raijman in charge of the music for this highly anticipated film, audiences can expect a riveting emotional ride from the score for the upcoming film "Jay Rocco."

Earlier this year Raijman also lent his musical genius to the score for Tung-Chun Wu's film "Violet."

A story of love at first sight-- and all of the fears that ensue when two people take the risk of loving one another when they've only just met-- "Violet" follows Michael, a young man who encounters a captivating woman named Violet upon moving to a small town.

"I had to compose wall-to-wall music for this film. I started from the heartbeats of the character to set the rhythm of this score. From that I started looking for a rhythmic structure that fit the whole film," explained Raijman.

"Since it had to be wall-to-wall I decided that I needed to establish a key and then play dissonant chords and polychords to match the contour of the scene. I programed synths and multilayer pads to create complex textures that match the complex character of Violet."

As the sparks fly and their romance blossoms over the course of one passion-filled night, the characters experience understandable excitement. However, what gives the story a dynamic edge is the unexplainable tension that exists, an emotional device that is only palpable through the music.

"When you see the film you can tell at the beginning that something among that couple isn’t right and the music is there to help tell the story," said Raijman.

"At the end I used a solo clarinet to play the characters feelings, and for the credits I used a lot of percussion and harmonies in order to express hope."

Raijman has already proven himself to be a brilliant composer through his work on Angelo Agojo's film "An Opening to Closure," Alexi Biener's documentary film "8 Seconds: Humane Decision Making in the IDF," and many others.

Last year "An Opening to Closure" was chosen as an Official Selection of the 2014 Los Angeles Lift-Off International Film Festival where it received a Special Mention Award leading it to be chosen as an Official Selection for the 2015 Las Vegas Lift-Off International Film Festival, as well as an Official Selection of the 2015 HollyShorts Film Festival and the 2015 Asians On Film Festival.

Six-time Emmy Award winning composer and conductor Mark Watters says, "I put Daniel in the top 1% of young composers currently working in Los Angeles. His work has been extraordinary, he has all the necessary attributes required to work professionally in the film and television industry. He is bright, inquisitive and very creative. "

Beyond his keen understanding of how to create musical compositions that intensify the visual story unfolding on screen, what separates Daniel Raijman from the pool of composers working in the film industry today is the fact that he has spent the majority of his life as a guitarist, an area of expertise where he has found great success.

About his approach to music, Raijman said, "I usually pay especial attention to the harmonies and I’m especially concerned about writing good melodies. I also think that all of the music I’ve listened to makes my style unique. I can be working on an orchestral piece or writing for a jazz group or scoring a movie and all the ideas come together and fit into all those projects."

As a guitarist and touring musician Raijman played guitar and composed the music for the Argentinean jazz quartet Quinta Estacion, in addition to being the guitarist for the band Orquesta Kef and the contemporary jazz quintet Pentafono.

"Besides my work as a guitarist I've composed original music for different national commercials for brands like Fibertel, Epson, American Airlines, Hair Recovery among others. Some of them have won awards," added Raijman.

Since beginning his career as a guitarist in his youth the musician has also been tapped to lend his extraordinary talent as a guitarist to several films including "Triggerfish," "Monster Hunters USA and Day Care Center," and others.

Over the past decade, Daniel Raijman has continued to dazzle international audiences with his work as both a film composer and guitarist, and his ability to transition his musical genius to fit a wide variety of projects has endowed him with an impeccable reputation of success that will only grow with the release of the upcoming film "Jay Rocco."

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