Claudette Roche Tells Businesses About Dangers of Miscommunication in Global Economy

Claudette Roche, speech coach in Los Angeles, California, stresses the importance of avoiding miscommunication for businesses today.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, July 30, 2015 / -- Claudette Roche, speech coach in Los Angeles, California, stresses the importance of avoiding miscommunication for businesses today. With a global economy that involves working with customers, vendors and even employees based throughout the world, accurate communication is essential for continued success.

Roche understands that businesses are extending their reach far beyond their own communities and states and interacting with people internationally. That is why she provides services for accent reduction in Los Angeles and helps business leaders communicate more effectively. Miscommunication can happen unintentionally and have dramatic results.

When someone is speaking to a person from another part of the country or another nation, it is important to speak clearly and slowly. Even if you don’t think you have an accent, it will sound different to the hearer. To avoid miscommunication, a person needs to avoid any slang or regional phrasing. He or she should focus on clarity and brevity.

Another way to avoid miscommunication is to repeat the other person’s words back to him or her. This ensures that you understood correctly or allows the other person a chance to clarify. You may also submit in writing any instructions you were given to ensure accurate information and avoid delays or disruptions because of misunderstandings from verbal communication.

It is important for business leaders to understand that communication differences go beyond accents and language barriers to differences in culture and nonverbal cues. Across cultures, how you address a person changes as well as the terms that are acceptable to use. You may inadvertently offend someone by the words you choose. While many Americans have an informal way of addressing co-workers or employees, other cultures prefer to maintain a more formal method of communication.

In the past, a person only needed to ensure that people within the same city or state could understand him or her. Today, businesses hire employees from around the world to work virtually. They may contract with vendors from another country or provide products and services to customers throughout the world. Because of this fact, it is essential that business leaders and managers are educated in communication variances and learn how to be more effective in their communication.

One of the best tips for business managers is to prepare thoroughly before initiating a meeting with a client, employee or vendor. Know what you want to say and how you plan to say it as well as any barriers to communication that you are likely to encounter.
"For today’s business leaders who often meet over the internet, your words are often the first impression people have of your business," says Claudette Roche. "What you say and how you say it is even more important to win people over."

Business leaders and managers who want to establish positive, long-term relationships with people around the world must focus on their communication skills. They must be willing to learn new methods of providing accurate information and communicating effectively to everyone they come in contact with.

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