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Lightors’s braille cable brings a breakthrough in the USB cable to make a slight change for the sight impaired.

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, July 28, 2015 / -- Lightors (, one of leading companies specializing in eco-friendly products, announces the world’s first braille and reversible micro-USB cable named LIGHTORS Cable.

All the people with smartphones other than iPhone use micro USB cable and iPhone users also have micro USB cable to use its peripherals and accessories. Moreover, most peripherals and accessories for smartphones are designed to operate with micro USB cable.
However, one of the most annoying experiences in using current micro USB cables with trapezoid- shaped terminal is that both charging and data transmission are allowed only when the cable must be plugged in the right way.
If plugged in the wrong way, the terminals can be broken. Approximate 0.2 seconds are more required for such current micro USB cables than Apple’s Lightning cable to plug into smartphones.

To significantly ease such inconvenience in the micro USB cables, LIGHTORS Cable has been recently introduced as the best in hot items in Kickstarter (
Developed by Phillip Kim and Michael Cho from South Korea, LIGHTORS Cable solves such issues inherent in the current micro USB cables by applying multi-plugged technology and symmetrical hexagonal shaped reversible cable.

“LIGHTORS Cable is applied with braille surface which is designed for the sight impaired in terms of its convenience and usefulness. We are proud to introduce LIGHTORS Cable, the world’s first braille micro USB cable to help the impaired people use their smartphones with more convenience.
Owing to LIGHTORS Cable’s reversible feature, you don’t need to take care of correct side of cable. Either one side or the other side of the cable is available in being plugged into smartphones. It can be used conveniently just like Apple’s Lightning cable.
Additionally, LIGHTORS Cable is two times faster than current cables to charge and transmit data. With 16 internal wires with double-shielded terminals, it improves stability and transmission speed,” says Michael Cho, CEO of Lightors.

Given the fact that micro USB cable should go along with smartphones and peripherals,
LIGHTORS Cable is a truly innovative product with a slight change but useful solution in the wake of consideration into user’s experiences.

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