MEDIA ALERT - Crushing It In The South

National singer songwriter from NC teams up with New York indie producer. Damnation, salvation, redemption & the seething sounds of the streets.

— Peter Travers, Rolling Stone Magazine


Charlotte, NC - David Childers, nationally known singer songwriter from North Carolina has teamed up with New York indie producer Leroy Lewis to create a strikingly original band known as The Carolina Crushers. Their new CD, One Eye Open will be officially released on August 4th 2015. Their sound combines the tension of the Deep South with the punk rock sensibility of the 70's.

The Carolina Crushers galvanize Childers' traditional anthems of damnation, salvation, and redemption with the seething New York City sound of the 70's. Rooted in garage rock, One Eye Open forges the hard-edged melodies and singing styles of Childers with the blowtorch irreverence of the streets.

The project is the brainchild of Leroy Lewis. Originally from Brooklyn, Leroy played at CBGB's with various punk bands including Trainwreck, The Losers and The Dopes. In 2006 Lewis left the "grind it out" lifestyle of New York and moved to Charlotte NC. He quickly tired of the Folk and banjo crowds that dominated the Carolina music scene but eventually was introduced to local icon David Childers. After a show in a local sweat filled honky tonk, Lewis approached Childers with the project that became the Carolina Crushers.

David has a history of pushing the limits and injecting his pure Rock and Roll sensibility into new music. "He has the most naturally authentic voice I have ever heard" says Lewis "Having him mic'd up in a recording session is an unbelievable treat. He has a true vocal gift that only comes along every so often. He's the real deal."

Lewis added, "Bed of Roses" was a song that I've always loved by the Screaming Trees. After playing David the original version, I queued up what we had at that point and he killed it in one take. I think the group did a fine job with that track. I really hope people get to hear it."

Beyond the sessions in Leroy's studio, Lewis did his own version of Alan Lomax and traveled to various NC locations to record Childers and Malcolm Holcombe with his mobile recording rig. The members brought their full tilt personas into the unflinching recording process.

Along with Childers, the band features Leroy Lewis on bass and guitar, Don Eidman on guitar and backing vocals, and Tom Root on Drums.

Special guests include Malcolm Holcombe, acclaimed Americana singer/songwriter and Mark Crozer of The Jesus and Mary Chain.

The CD features six tracks written by award winning songwriter Don Eidman; and includes a stylized cover of "Bed of Roses" originally done by the Screaming Trees. The tracks were recorded at various locations in North Carolina and was produced by Trainwrecker.

Eidman approached Lewis about doing a record with no banjos, no acoustics and no beards. That was the beginning of the One Eye Open Project featuring wide open Marshalls, Les Paul's and a strong drumbeat.


David Childers, lead vocals; is a musician, poet, historian, painter, father and champion of people who get tangled up in the bureaucratic legal system; he specializes in helping people navigate the maze of the Social Security system, and Workman's Comp to obtain their benefits. He grew up in the cotton mill country of North Carolina and started playing banjo when he was 14. "I didn't have the confidence to be a musician," he says. "I sang in the church choir so I could get close to the good looking girls I knew."

Leroy Lewis Guitar and Bass; wasborn and raised in Brooklyn NY, then relocated to New Jersey with "everybody else in Brooklyn". He currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. His credits include, lead guitarist and vocalist for The Dopes and The Losers in the late 70's and 80's. The Bands were regulars in Lower Manhattan and one of the house bands at the legendary Show Place in Victory Gardens, appearing on bills with The Meat Puppets, Bad Brains, and countless formative indie acts. In the late 80's Lewis played guitar in original Holy Rollers and then went on to form Trainwreck with Dave Decastro and Curt Knoth. Trainwreck which lasted into the mid 90's continuing to play at "any place that would have them" including regular shows at CBGB's, Leroy was an iconic member of the downtown scene and revered by his peers in the indie band community.

Don Eidman, guitar; is originally from Baltimore MD. He has toured and played with various Rock and Roll outfits throughout the US and has been living in the Charlotte area long enough to be labeled a local. His songwriting has been covered by Nashville Artists and used in major media markets. Recently Eidman was in Nashville as one of his songs was nominated for a Dove Award. Eidman has continued his dedication to his songwriting talents and stills plays the local roadhouses in the Charlotte NC area.

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