Greek Actor Rolandos Liatsos Wraps Production On The Film 'Social Norm'

Actor Rolandos Liatsos shot by Paul Gregory

Actor Rolandos Liatsos, whose reputation as a theatre star is known across continents, plays the role of Terry in the upcoming film "Social Norm."

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, July 20, 2015 / -- Rolandos Liatsos recently wrapped production on the comedy drama film "Social Norm" where he played the role of Terry. Currently in postproduction, "Social Norm" follows a group of brothers who must find a way to raise an exorbitant amount of funds in order to save their childhood home while also trying to deal with the trauma of their tragic past.

In the film, Liatsos' character Terry plays an integral role in helping Norm, the main character of the three brothers, overcome his fears.

The film, which was directed by Dillon Vibbart, also stars award-winning actor Matt Kohler ("Typecast," "Captain Planet," "The Young and the Restless"), J'aime Spezzano ("Stitchers," "The Muse," "Uneasy Lies the Mind"), and Betsy Baker ("The Evil Dead," "Oz the Great and Powerful," "True Blood," "New Girl").

Vibbart says, "Rolandos Liatsos is a talented actor and a true professional. His work in some of the most pivotal scenes for my upcoming film, 'Social Norm,' helped me as both a director and as an artist to achieve my vision.”

Liatsos will also put his acting chops on display in the upcoming theatrical productions of "The Tempest: A Journey Into A Play," which is being developed in a new and innovative style of theater that will present an incredible spectacle of astonishing visuals and 3D mapping to support the actors' performances, and "Draft" the prequel to the production of "Unpublished," which was performed at the Ellen Terry Theatre in the UK. In the production of "Draft," Liatsos will take on the role of Alex, a young screenwriter who struggles to overcome his inner demons and pinpoint the source of creativity. The actor is also slated to star in "Tower of Babel," a new comedy series written by John Jack Rodgers.

Originally from Limassol, the second largest city on the island of Cyprus, over the last decade Rolandos Liatsos has proven himself to be an extraordinarily adept theatrical performer through a wide range of productions across continents.

At home in Cyprus in 2009 Liatsos landed the starring role of Alekos in the production of "Stella with the Red Gloves" directed by Andri Evmidou at the Patrixio Municipal Theatre Limassol. The production received rave reviews with Liatsos giving a captivating performance that catapulted him to the forefront of the theatre industry in Cyprus and Greece.

The young theatre star then moved to the UK where he studied theatre at the prestigious Coventry University. Whilst in England, Liatsos continued working professionally in theatres across the country where he added to his already impressive repertoire of work with the productions of "The Grimm Brothers Tales," "Reynard The Fox" and others through Fabularium LTD., a theatre company which is still active today. He went on to perform the starring role of Aloclasp in the KILN Theatre Company and TAPP's production of the science-theatre play "Aloclasp" at mac Birmingham, as well as the primary antagonist Caliban in the Ellen Terry Theatre's production of "The Tempest."

After making his name known in Cyprus, Greece and the UK, Liatsos' talent was recognized by those in the U.S., leading him to be awarded with a full scholarship to attend the conservatory program at the renowned Stella Adler Academy of Acting in Los Angeles where other notable stars like Robert DeNiro, Salma Hayek, Benicio Del Toro and Mark Ruffalo also honed their skills.

In one of Liatsos' most recent theatre productions he took on the starring role of Arturo Ui in "The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui" directed by Susan Vinciotti Bonito. The production, which ran from November to December in Los Angeles last year, was written by German playwright Bertolt Brecht and tells the story of the rise of a Chicago mobster named Arturo Ui in the 1930s.

A satirical allegory, "The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui" parallels Adolf Hitler's rise to power in Nazi Germany, with every character in the fictional tale being individually based upon a real life figure from the Nazi party during WWII.

Out of all of his roles to date, Liatsos marks the character of Arturo Ui as being one of the most difficult due to the darkness of the character. He says, "The role was very demanding because it was full of both physical work and research into the historical period when Hitler rose to power."

An extraordinary actor who loves a challenge, Liatsos has proven himself to be an inspiring performer in the theatre; and with the release of the upcoming film "Social Norm" on the horizon, he will assuredly be making his name known if film circles as well.

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