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Sending a Demand Letter Regarding an Employment Matter

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At the outset of an employment law dispute, an employment lawyer may initiate contact with the opposing side (or the opposing side’s attorney) in an attempt to resolve the matter without having to file a lawsuit. In many cases, this contact is made informally with a telephone conversation to determine if the other side is interested in negotiating an out-of-court settlement. In other cases, the employment law attorney sends a formal demand letter.

A demand letter accomplishes several things: It introduces the lawyer to the other party, sets the tone for settlement negotiations, and names a monetary amount or concession that the party would accept in order to resolve the matter. The lawyer explains the client’s position by stating facts (often supported by the inclusion of documents) and showing why those facts lead to a legal conclusion that the client deserves compensation or another concession. The lawyer then names a specific demand and provides a deadline for the other party to respond. While initial demands are rarely accepted outright, the demand letter sets the groundwork for later negotiations that could lead to pre-litigation settlement.

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