Robert Renteria, The Barrio Foundation, Offer a Solution to Save Lives of Children

Robert Renteria, From the Barrio Foundation

Law enforcement, schools and community-based organizations are combat violence, and strengthening the capacity for peace

CHICAGO, IL, USA, July 15, 2015 / -- Latino author and disabled veteran, Robert Renteria has developed and funded a comprehensive, bilingual, nationally acclaimed book series and educational curriculum, his publicist announced today. The materials address issues faced by today's youth who are growing up in a culture of abuse, drugs, poverty, gangs, and violence.

"The Chicago Tribune reported that 10 people were killed and 55 others were injured in shootings over this past 4th of July weekend in Chicago, says Renteria. "Another recent loss was the senseless, racial hate-crime which resulted in the murder of nine people in a Charleston, South Carolina church. We are asking the nation to embrace a big idea. It's a solution to help cure a disease that has infected our youth and their families for decades."

Fran Briggs, publicist to the author stated that "Mr. Renteria provides citizen-to-community connectivity in an extraordinary way. As the result, individuals, law enforcement, schools and community-based organizations are combating violence, and strengthening the capacity for peace with proven resources."

Robert Renteria says that these are the types of deaths and tragedies that he and From the Barrio Foundation are working diligently to help prevent. He added that 75% of U.S. crimes are committed by high school dropouts.

"Brutal and needless violence across the country continues to make world news, the demand for answers on how we can effectively impact these issues is now," Renteria explained. "Education is the answer, providing our kid’s teaching tools that are relevant and that will resonate is the key to re-humanizing our teens and at-risk youth.”

The community leader says that his memoir From the Barrio to the Board Room, the graphic novel Mi Barrio, and children's activity coloring book titled, "Little Barrio," relates to the youth as well as generates interest among multiple age groups.

Robert Renteria is asking the public to please get involved. "Together, we can help save our children. Our kids are living the life today that he lived back, the Barrio books is their story, it's the reason why it is working in real time," he concluded.

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Robert Renteria’s books and program serve as a form of transformative education. Developed to challenge young people to take accountability and responsibility, they help improve critical thinking skills and bridge the education gap. The program has been shared with more than 250,000 young people across the United States, and in 24 other countries. The Barrio Foundation has collaborated with Sociafy with the goal of realizing the author's dream of using a social media platform to deliver Barrio books and programs to youth in the United States, and around the world.

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