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Our Partners: 2030 Water Resources Group

As a founding member of the 2030 Water Resources Group (2030 WRG), The Coca-Cola Company is working with the member organizations of 2030 WRG to help improve water policy in several countries around the world.

At the invitation of governments, 2030 WRG helps water officials accelerate reforms aimed at ensuring sustainable water resource management for the long-term development and economic growth of their countries. 2030 WRG helps countries first diagnose gaps in their water supplies, and then develop and test solutions. We are supporting 2030 WRG through financial investment and by engaging directly with 2030 WRG and with the governments of countries where 2030 WRG is working.

Created in 2012 by businesses and governmental organizations, 2030 WRG is a neutral, public-private-civil society platform housed within the International Finance Corporation (IFC). 2030 WRG has engaged with regional and national governments in China and Jordan, and is actively working in Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Mexico, Mongolia, Peru, South Africa, and Tanzania.

Read more about 2030 WRG’s work in its 2014 Annual Report.