Big Joe Stout Releases New Leadership Book: 'When Everyone Leads, Everyone Wins'

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Are you ready to unleash the leader in you? "When Everyone Leads, Everyone Wins" will show you how.

DELRAY BEACH, FL, USA, June 30, 2015 / -- Author, speaker, and filmmaker Big Joe Stout has recently released his new book, "When Everyone Leads, Everyone Wins."

"This book has been in the works for several years," said Big Joe. "One of my greatest skills is observation, and throughout my life, I have had amazing opportunities to observe leadership in action. The pages of my book reflect those observations and it is the fabric of what I consider to a very simple and sensible approach to leadership."

The message that comes through loud and clear throughout "When Everyone Leads, Everyone Wins" is anyone can lead. Anyone with one very key quality.

"Leadership is all about character and integrity," Big Joe added. "People grow up thinking they aren't leaders because they don't have a big personality or they don't have a title or a position of leadership. Those things don't matter, and it's my belief that once more people step up to the plate and start leading, in whatever way suites their personality, the better everything becomes for everyone. Hence the title, 'When Everyone Leads, Everyone Wins.' I realize this concept challenges traditional thinking, and that many people connect leadership with an appearance, a personality, or a position. I believe that understanding and embracing leadership skills, no matter what position you hold, improves and enhance the life experience. It applies to careers, social life, volunteerism, business, and family life. Leadership touches everything," Big Joe said.

The concept is referred to as "team leadership," and the book provides readers with an easy to follow game plan on what to do and how to do it. It applies to those in positions of power, and those who fill a role in the group objective.

"The greatest teams, the most successful companies, and the families who enjoy life the most, have leadership throughout. It's not a follow the leader's a be a leader mindset. Working as a group, embracing and practicing leadership, and relinquishing ego are the major keys to success at every level. I often ask CEO's what it would be like if everyone in their company performed like a leader and how much easier it would be to achieve the objectives they have set forth. That's why I always suggest that my leadership training seminars be available to everyone in the company, not just management. When you get everyone thinking the same way, your group becomes unstoppable, and the task gets easier and far more enjoyable."

The book, now available on Big Joe's website, Amazon, Kindle, and Nook is just one part of the equation. Live leadership training is offered to businesses and groups, and there is also a 21 video, online training series for just $49.00.

"What I teach, what I believe, is that the requirements to lead are choices, not skills. Character isn't a skill, it's a choice. Listening isn't a skill, it's a choice. Everything I teach is about developing choices that are available to anyone."

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