Dr. Christopher Kawa Discusses the Benefits of Chiropractic For Wellness and Prevention

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Dr. Christopher Kawa, Chiropractor in Brick NJ, discusses the benefits of chiropractic for wellness, prevention, and overall good health.

BRICK, NEW JERSEY, USA, June 30, 2015 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Dr. Christopher Kawa, a chiropractor in Brick New Jersey is educating people on the benefits of holistic care as a way to prevent illness and enhance the function of the body.

One of the main issues with healthcare these days is that it is centered around treating symptoms, not creating wellness. Wellness is about getting people functioning better so that they can actually heal. Traditional medicine involves the use of medications, injections or surgeries to address health problems. But these methods are rarely the answer because they usually work on erasing one symptom, while neglecting and often disrupting the rest of the body. It is not often that the costs and risks of side effects outweigh the benefits; unless of course it’s an emergency or life threatening event.

"When you’re sick you want answers from someone who knows everything there is to know about the cause of your problem. But medicine is broken up into specialties because you couldn’t possibly expect one person to know everything there is to know about the entire body… it’s too complex." Dr. Kawa explains, "The problem is that the body isn’t made up of a bunch of unrelated parts, it all functions together."

It is impossible to heal from any condition unless you address the cause, and very rarely is the root cause of a disease found by examining the individual parts. The only way to really heal anything is to improve the function of the whole body. This involves getting the right nutrition, being at the optimal weight, exercising and making sure there is no interference to nerve function by regularly seeing a chiropractor. Chiropractic care allows the master control system of the body, the nervous system, to function better, thereby making you healthier overall.

The spinal cord and spinal nerves are the connection between your brain and your body parts. Each vertebra protects this delicate nerve tissue. However, the average person has slight mis-alignments (vertebral subluxations) that are interfering or disrupting their nerve supply. This will always lead to malfunction somewhere in the body. But unfortunately, most people are not aware of these problems because most of the time there are no symptoms.

"It is truly amazing how many times patients have come into Discover Chiropractic after seeing a handful of physicians and are still experiencing the same symptoms and pains," says Dr. Kawa. "As a chiropractor, I look to restore the function of the master control system which helps your body start to function better as a whole. The spine is your lifeline, and it is important for people to realize how beneficial being adjusted can be for life-long health."

About Christopher Kawa, DC.
Dr. Christopher Kawa is the owner of Discover Chiropractic in Brick, NJ where he has single-handedly been helping people feel great, function better and stay well for over 24 years. Dr. Kawa received his B.S. in Human Biology from Rutgers University and his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Life University in Marietta, Georgia. He is on a quest to help as many people as possible regain their health by teaching about the importance of proper spinal and nerve function, and to patients get their bodies back to functioning at their optimal levels.

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