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FAAIF Announces the Dubai International Business and Social Sciences Research Conference

FAAIF encourages all of the people of the Holy Book including Muslims, Christians, and Jews to join together in an effort for Holy Book Banking.

DUBAI, UAE, June 25, 2015 / -- FAAIF CEO, Camille Paldi, announces the First Annual Dubai International Business and Social Sciences Research Conference (DIBSRC) December 27-28, 2015 in Dubai, UAE. FAAIF, the Franco-American Alliance for Islamic Finance [registered in Dubai] promotes the spread of knowledge of a unique financial system, which promotes people over profit, preservation of the environment, world peace, the equal spread of wealth amongst society, protection of society’s vulnerable, harmony of family and community relationships, tolerance among people of different ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds, social justice, a chance for the poor, the small to medium businessman and woman, and a functioning distributive economy where gain outweighs loss. FAAIF encourages all of the people of the Book including Christians, Jews, and Muslims to come together in a concerted effort to work towards Holy Book Banking. Let FAAIF help increase your understanding of the legal and financial aspects of the Islamic finance and banking industry and expand your investment opportunities as Islamic Finance is now a global billion dollar industry.

Currently, there are approximately 500 Islamic banks operating in 75 countries around the world. Although Islamic finance began with projects such as Mit Gamyr in Egypt in 1963 and Tabung Hajj in Malaysia in 1967, the first Islamic bank, the Dubai Islamic Bank, which is one of the biggest Islamic banks in the world, was incorporated in 1975 in the UAE. Soon after, Kuwait Finance House was established in 1977 in Kuwait, which in 2011 had 54 branches and was ranked one of the best Islamic banks globally. Saudi Al Rajhi Bank is currently the largest Islamic bank in existence.

In terms of asset base, the share of the GCC Islamic banks constitutes 70% of the global total. Islamic banking assets in the GCC reached $445 billion at the end of 2012, up from $390 billion in 2011. This represents a 14% year-on-year growth. “Thus, what started as a small rural banking experiment in the remote villages in Egypt, has now reached a level where many mega-international banks are offering Islamic banking products.” In 2008, Saudi Arabia had 127 Shari’ah compliant funds, Kuwait 45, Bahrain 29, UAE 27, and Qatar 2. In terms of sukuk, Bahrain has been the most active in the GCC. The UAE is the leader in terms of the value of sukuk issuance and Saudi Arabia is the GCC market with the most potential.

FAAIF [registered in Dubai] organizes a dedicated two days conference in the area of Business and Social Sciences Research in the ever-awakening and progressive city of Dubai, UAE on December 27-28, 2015. An industry - academia linkage is expected through this conference thereby providing a platform for industry experts, academics, and students to observe, discuss, and analyze the intersection and interplay between conventional and faith-based business models, strategies, and methods. Issues as well as solutions relating to the business world in the realm of the modern global village are to be tackled in this truly international gathering.

Full-length papers, research-in-progress papers, case studies and /or abstracts, relating to all business areas/specialties including Accounting, Banking, Business Law, Finance, Islamic Finance, Holy Book Finance, Christian Finance, Jewish Finance, Faith-based Finance, Ethical Finance, the Halal Industry, the Kosher Industry, Christian Culinary Principles and Industry, Economics, Investment, Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing, E-Commerce, Business Ethics, Business Education, Econometrics, Entrepreneurship, Crowd-Funding, Project Management, Operations Management, and the Global Financial Crisis are invited for the 1st Dubai International Business and Social Sciences Research Conference (DIBSRC). The event website can be found at Camille Paldi can be contacted at

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