Reached 1.7+ Million with Pre-Dialysis CKD Last Year, had more than 2.1 million visitors in the past year, per Google Analytics, most of whom seek pre-dialysis CKD information.

MADISON, WI, USA, June 25, 2015 / --, the chronic kidney disease (CKD) education website of the non-profit Medical Education Institute (MEI), had more than 2.1 million visitors in the past year, per Google Analytics, most of whom seek pre-dialysis CKD information: 9 of the top 10 most visited pages contain pre-dialysis CKD content. A 2014 survey of more than 1,000 site visitors found that 85% had pre-dialysis CKD or had a loved one who did. This demographic (extrapolated to 1.785 million annual visitors) is extremely difficult to reach. Organizations interested in helping people with CKD may call MEI at (608) 833-8033 to request a sponsorship proposal.

“Founded in 1997, Life Options is MEI’s first and largest website,” said Dori Schatell, MS, MEI Executive Director. “We built it to educate people about dialysis—and just realized last fall that our audience wasn’t what we expected. Life Options is #1 on Google for kidney disease symptoms, and on page one for kidney disease, kidney problems, and kidney lab tests. Now that we know, we will substantially boost our pre-dialysis CKD content to ensure that we are meeting visitors’ needs with information to help them manage their kidney health. Sponsoring Life Options offers companies a way to do well by doing good. In fact, we are pleased to announce that Sanofi is our first Champion Sponsor for 2015! ”

A new survey of 522 Life Options visitors identified specific information they are seeking. The largest number (44%) wanted ways to
manage and slow CKD, or help a loved one:

• “To learn what I can do to slow my kidney disease.”
• “How to deal with CKD…what to expect as it moves from stage to stage.”
• “At what stage of CKD I will start dialysis.”
• “My daughter just found out she has kidney disease. I want to learn more about the disease and what I can do to help her get through this.”

Another large group (36%) wanted to know if their symptoms were due to CKD:
• “My urine is foamy and bubbly.”
• “To see what the metallic taste in my mouth is.”
• “To see if my difficulty in breathing is linked to my kidney disease.”
• “I have stage 4 kidney disease, am constantly tired and do not sleep well. Is this how I am supposed to feel?” has always featured research-based information on how to live better and longer with CKD. Written at a 6th grade reading level, the content is easy to understand, accurate, and provides hope and encouragement.

About MEI: Founded in 1993, MEI is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with chronic diseases learn to manage and improve their health, and a focus on CKD. MEI fulfills our mission by conducting research, developing evidence-based educational materials for consumers and health professionals, and advocating for patient-centered policies. MEI is funded through sponsorships, fee-for-service contracts, product sales, and donations. Tax-deductible donations can be made here on our website,


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