Microfluidics Launches New, Electric-Driven, Easy-To-Use Homogenizer At Affordable Price

The new LM20 Microfluidizer™ from Microfluidics further expands the Company’s offerings to customers.

WESTWOOD, MA, USA, June 15, 2015 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Microfluidics International Corporation, the company that specializes in ultra-high shear fluid processors, is pleased to announce the launch of its new product, the LM20 Microfluidizer™, an electric, modern and affordable product with applications in nano-emulsions and cell disruption.

"The LM20 Microfluidizer™ is a new electric-driven model that fits into the latest line of table-top, customer-oriented homogenizers from Microfluidics," said Brad Besse, Vice President at Microfluidics. "The LM20 is a key component of Microfluidics’ ongoing portfolio update. With this new offering, we now have a comprehensive line of modern lab-scale machines that are easy to use, at an affordable price point."

The LM20 is just the latest is a series of distinguished products the Company offers, centered on Microfluidizer™ technology. From its Westwood, Massachusetts Technology Center, Microfluidics already provides Proof of Concept and Process Development Consulting services designed to help companies make critical decisions related to the sourcing of equipment that will reach product and process goals. By providing objective testing data on pressure, shear rates, chamber type, number of passes and results, Microfluidics research engineers demonstrate potential opportunities to improve product quality and production efficiency for each customer’s specific formulation. Now, not only can the company perform analysis of the sample in real-time using analytical techniques like particle size analysis and optical microscopy, but it can also give customers a powerful tool with all the recognized benefits of its technology, in the realm of nano-emulsions.

Steve Mesite, Director of Applications at Microfluidics, commented, "This offering [is] ideal for those who are developing nano-emulsions, liposomes and polymer particle formulations with the goal of sterile filtration, and customers who are performing cell disruption. The LM20 provides outstanding performance only possible with the unrivaled Microfluidics fixed geometry technology."

About Microfluidics
Microfluidics is the exclusive producer of Microfluidizer™ high shear fluid processors for uniform particle size reduction, robust cell disruption and nano-particle creation. The innovative Microfluidics Technology Center, located at the Company’s headquarters outside Boston, Massachusetts, is staffed by expert engineers with a wide range of nano-technology and application experience for proof of concept and process-development support. Through this Center, the Company can offer scale-up experiments to customers. Microfluidizer™ technology enables companies to create tiny particles that achieve big results. To learn more, please visit www.microfluidicscorp.com, email mixinginfo@idexcorp.com or contact us at (617) 245-2438.

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